Yay Yoga!


I’ve found it difficult for a little while to really practice mindfulness in my nightly meditation. I know I’m a lot better at practicing mindfulness in every day-to-day life particularly with stressful situations (I’m still working on it!) but really am finding it hard at night to ‘switch off’.

I almost use that time as my thinking time, I come up with ideas, remember things I need to do, worry about things I haven’t done, get excited about things and many more thoughts run through my mind, I wonder, why couldn’t I think of this before I put my head to rest?

It is mind blowing  just how much our thoughts run our life. Think about it! (haha). Do you ever just be? Take in that exact moment what is happening? Feel what is happening? This is my goal, the ultimate. To live in the exact present moment.

I’ve mentioned before what practices help me with mindfulness, one of which is yoga.

For quite a while I was in a really good routine, doing my regular 2 yoga classes a week and found myself getting better at it. Getting better at yoga isn’t about flexibility or skill (in my eyes) it’s about your breath.

When you bring your awareness to breath, you bring yourself to to this moment, to this breath, not last years breath, not tomorrows breath, but now. This very moment. The breath is closely connected to the body, and also the mind; it is a link between the two. When you tune in to your breathing, your body and mind are in sync – you are present.

I’m yet to really ‘get into’ the spirituality side of yoga (third eye, sun, moons etc) but am still open to this side of it. My main reason for practicing yoga and enjoying yoga is focusing on the breath and ‘mastering’ mindfulness.

Unfortunately, I stopped going to yoga for this very reason. The teacher that instructed the yoga classes I was attending, very much was about the breath and I found it so easy to be in the present moment in her classes, on the mat, not thinking, just being. Not to mention the wonders it was doing for my body. The teacher that then started to instruct classes was more into the spirituality side of things. One of the first classes we were humming, panting, in prayer position a lot and the whole thing kind of, well I found it annoying and distracting, I allowed myself to feel this way and not enjoy my yoga practice.

I stopped going.

Don’t get me wrong, the teacher was absolutely lovely, but I just found her way of practice wasn’t for me.

One of my January goals was to get back into my yoga routine as I knew it would only benefit me with not only mindfulness, but my exercise, my work, my relationships, how I handle stress, everything!

Throughout our life we experience trauma, pain, stress, anxiety, depression and although these things aren’t necessarily physical things, our body holds onto this – creating tension. It might not be a bruise, a scratch or a scar but believe me, our body holds onto all of it, not allowing us to truly let go!

Practicing yoga not only helps heals this scars, release the tension and let it go, it helps to protect your body emotionally, physically and mentally.

So – I started going back to the classes, with the same spiritiual type teacher. Do I regret it – not one bit. Have I benefited so much already – absolutely! I decided to not let the differences we may get out of yoga affect me by not even going to yoga, but to try and learn from her and take out what I needed. Which I have. I’ve been sleeping a bit better and am able to get into the present moment when practicing my nightly meditations.

Yes of course those thoughts still whiz through my head as it hits the pillow, but I bring my attention back to the breath. I might have to do this a thousand times, but the more I do it, the better I will be.

Yoga Yoga Yoga :D Mindful Yoga