Week: Sunday 3rd February – Saturday 9th February


What a week, I am exhausted! Happy I made today (Sunday 10th) my rest day. I was going to go do some weights this morning but I got up, went to the farmers markets again with Baz and then had a nice little snooze for a couple of hours when I got home. Also did a bit of food prep last night and today and brainstorming new recipes! In Melbourne today the cricket is on (I have it on the TV in the background) and one of my favourite days of the year – ST KILDA FESTIVAL.

St Kilda absolutely has my heart. It’s the place I feel ‘home’, as well as being with Barry. (nawww). So I’m putting some posts together and hoping to get my little butt into gear and walk on down to see some great local bands and eat some glorious vegan friendly food. Would be great to have a nice little walk too!

Anywho – this is what my fitness regime looked like for the pass week:

Sunday 3rd February:

As you know from my previous post this was my rest day and got a lot achieved with my food prep for the week.

Monday 4th February:

Lunch time X-fitness circuit class (Tabata bike sprints and circuit class).

Afternoon was able to squeeze in a cardio running warm up followed by chest and arm weights reps before my first SPIN class in a couple of months…and…I ABSOLUTELY DIED (in a good way of course). I’m definitely getting back into my spinning as yes it was murderous but I was reaping the rewards after. Not to mention I burnt 800 calories! Woah!

Tuesday 5th February:

Did my usual Tuesday routine (which I’m trying to mix up as well) which was 15min of HIIT cardio, ab/core class and results class (weights and step cardio)

I always am looking at ways at mixing it up but I really enjoy this class plus I do get a workout. So I really tried pushing myself with ‘jumps’ using the step as appose to just stepping up (if that makes any sense?). I was working it!

Wednesday 6th February:

Rode my bike to work, attended weekly Pump weights class (no matter how much I mix it up I’ll always keep 1x pump class in there to help focus on my posture and get a full body workout). Also warmed up with HIIT sprints on the treadmill. I have a lot of knee problems so often struggle with squats, it’s something my trainer and I are working on. However I was able to increase my weights for the ‘squats’ track but then kept it free weights for the lunges track. Killed chest and arms :D

Thursday 7th February:

Morning PT session and yet another killer workout for the week. By the end of the session I was completely knackered. It’s very rare I whinge or complain about having to do something in the gym – the way I see it is if I do it I’m only getting something positive out of it so why bother whinge when I want to do it!! – But I did have a couple of grunt moments on my leg presses and even said on my last rep ‘oh, I am scared’. lol. My legs were shaking! Finished the session off with some HIIT sprints on the treadmill. Walked out feeling like I had accomplished so much and it was only 8am!

No lunch time class this week as I needed a rest from pushing myself so hard that morning.

Friday 8th February:

Rode my bike to and from work. Was hoping to do some weights in the afternoon but after Thursday’s routine I definitely needed a break. Still was a tough hours ride all up which I was happy with.

Saturday 9th February:

Arhhh – snoozed that one too many times and missed the first circuit class of the morning (don’t worry, I made up for it after :D )
I still made it in for the 930am class and just made sure I gave it my all. After the class I incorporated about 15min of HIIT. Which then lead me to sweat my ass off throughout the whole yoga class afterwards!


My plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – (today) walk down to St Kilda Fest but keep it as my ‘rest’ day with some light incidental exercise.

Monday – Lunch time x-fitness class. I won’t ride as I plan to smash it out again in a Spin class after work with some arm/chest weights again. This really worked for me last week so I might incorporate this as apart of my routine for the next 3-4 weeks or so.

Tuesday – Not quite ready to change it, So surprise surprise I will be doing my HIIT, ab/core class and weights/step class.

Wednesday – Again, will do my HIIT and Pump class and weather dependant will ride to work. If I don’t ride to work, I will do another spin class in the morning! WOOOHOO!

Thursday – PT session and weather dependant will ride to work. I’d love to also do my lunch time x-fitness and ab/core class but will see how I am after my morning session.

Friday – I might use this as my rest day or do an outside run depending on the weather. I’m really trying to incorporate more weights so either Friday or Sunday I’ll do my own weights routine in the gym.

Saturday – COME ON COME ON COME ON, GET OUT OF BED!!! Double X-fitness class and yoga after. I’d also like to do another yoga session on sunday, but you’ll hear all about that in next weeks post :D

Have a great week!