Week: Sunday 27th January – Saturday 2nd February


Ok, I started the week off pretty good but by the weekend I found myself with no routine! Arhh!

One thing I always tell myself when I’m trying to talk myself out of going to the gym or exercising is ‘Hannah, come on, there’s 24 hours in the day, this is only 1 hour, get moving!!’. By telling myself this, if I do miss out on gym time or miss an activity I’ve set for myself as apart of my weekly routine, I get very upset with myself!

This year I’m trying to yes stick to my routine but not be so hard on myself when life can sometimes unintentionally get in the way.

This week, I had the pleasure of my lovely mother visiting from far north Queensland who I really don’t get to see that much of. So I wanted to make the most of it! We went wedding dress shopping, went out for lunch, dinner and stayed up laughing whilst skyping my twin sister in London. It was worth it!

Sunday, I literally spent the whole day with Barry driving to farmers market, South Melbourne markets, bunnings, spotlight, finishing all of the unpacking from the move and finally my weekly food prep! Also explains why my weekly fitness regime post is LATE, sorry!!! So here it is:

Sunday 27th January:

Took my Mum up to visit my Nan & Pop in Cobram. We stayed there overnight so Sunday it was a nice walk with Barry.

Monday 28th January:

Public Holiday for Australia Day, by the time we got back from Cobram arhh gym was shut. No exercise today!

Tuesday 29th January:

Did my usual Tuesday routine (which I’m trying to mix up as well) which was 15min of HIIT cardio, ab/core class and results class (weights and step cardio)

Wednesday 30th January:

Woohoo, another ride to work. Had pretty crappy weather this week so only managed to squeeze in 1 ride.

HIIT warm up before my Wednesday pump (weights) class.

Thursday 31st January:

Lunch time workout today! Circuit class including tabata warm up on spin bikes, circuit, then to finish it off the trainer smashed us with tabata squats and mountain climbers then walking lunges with weights and push ups! Sweat was pouring off me! Finished it off with ab/core class.

Friday 1st February:

Met with my lovely PT for a 6am starter! Sessions go for an hour but we had a lot to catch up on with a weigh in, measurements and some goal setting (which I’ll be posting about shortly). The other half of session was some strength exercises and a circuit type routine consisting of squats, legs and back exercises. MORE PUSHUPS!!

Saturday 2nd February: 

As you know, wedding dress shopping. Does walking up and down Sydney Road all day count?? haha


My plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – I may not have accomplished my exercise routine BUT I had a great day with Baz, found new farmers markets and prepped my meals for the week.

Monday – Morning exercise, either Pump or Spin depending on class times. Afternoon, vice versa.

Tuesday – HIIT warm up, ab/core class and results.

Wednesday – Ride to work, HIIT warm up and pump class.

Thursday – Full PT session. Lunch time circuit and core/ab class.

Friday – Ride to work HIIT Cardio and Weights in the afternoon.

Saturday – X-fitness circuit classes (aiming for a double back to back class!) followed by yoga – I’ll need it!!

Have a great week! :)