Week: Sunday 20th January – Saturday 26th January


Ok….I’ve been a little slack in uploading my fitness regime on BFV…BUT, I haven’t been slack with my exercise. Sure, I’ve had things come up – moving house, Dad down 1 week, Mum down another, visiting family, unpacking, sick ahhhhh it’s all happened this month, but I have done my best in releasing that stress through exercise.

Sunday 20th January:

Had my lovely friend Ashley stay over for the weekend which included a delicious vegan feast and a drive out to the 1000 steps! This was my exercise for the day, followed by some time at the beach and my usual Sunday Pump (weights) class with HIIT cardio BUT shortly after arriving home something struct me. Not sure if it was Sun stroke, gastro or a virus but I was throwing up, hot/cold sweats and continual runs to the loo!

This had me off work for Monday 21st January & Tuesday 22nd January.

I’m taking a new approach with my exercising, still going to be hard on myself in the sense of pushing myself to my limits (only way to see change!) but to not be so hard on myself when I can’t make gym.

In saying that, I don’t use any ol’ excuse to get out of exercise. Maybe a couple of years ago, but I’m well and truly now reaping the rewards of exercise. It helps me not only physically but mentally, it is my release!

Usually, even sick, I’d still head off to the gym. Don’t be fooled, exercise can actually help you when you’re sick (even though it’s probably the last thing you want to do) but maybe take it easy with a nice long walk, slow jog, light weights etc.

So, I took the two days off and recovered.

Wednesday 23rd January:

HIIT Cardio to warm up before my 5:30pm pump (weights) class.
With my HIIT I usually alternate between hill runs, sprints or running from a low to high intensity. This usually goes for about 12min and is probably equivalent to at least half hour of cardio, HIIT is the KEY to fat burning!

Thursday 24th January:

Finally, back to riding my bike to work! 8km each way since the move, but it’s just lovely going along Beaconsfield Parade and seeing the water that time in the morning.

Ab warm up circuit before Warrior (weights/cardio circuit class, 45min)

I was absolutely pooped after the class, Barry came and picked me up with my bike :D

Friday 25th January:

Rode my bike to work

HIIT warm up before hitting the weights for approx. 1 hour focusing on my Back, arms, shoulders and core.

Saturday 25th January:

Yay – back to my Saturday routine! Attended my morning X-Fitness Class (circuit class) where our instructor absolutely smashed us. Tabata sprints on the bike before-hand and every 3 stations she would roll the dice and we’d have to do that many burpees! After the class (luckily it was only half hour!) we did more Tabata jump squats and planks.

My Yoga class didn’t start for another half hour so I took it easy on the treadmill doing some incline power walking. I have every intention on doing some more HIIT however think I had it covered in the class!

Then to finish off my week, my lovely Yoga class :)


My plan for the week to come:

Sunday – Monday I was up visiting my family with my Mum. Was able to squeeze in a quick walk but that was it :(

Monday – Came back late and have literally spent the last 4 hours cooking. I had planned on doing a weights session but the gym was closed early due to the public holiday, so I plan on making up for it during the week.

Tuesday – Core class, HIIT warm up and Results class. Will ride my bike to work.

Wednesday – HIIT warm up & Pump. Will ride my bike to work.

Thursday – I believe my personal trainer is back this week so will be doing either a weights session with her or some strengthening exercises. This is usually at 7am so I’ll ride my bike to the gym as my warm up and to make up for this Monday I will attend the Warrior circuit class in the evening.

Friday – Weights session on my own and ride my bike.

Saturday – My lovely morning routine of X-Fitness, HIIT and Yoga :)

Lets do it!!