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Through Other’s Eyes

Hey Hannah,
Just wanted to write an official thank you for all your amazing work with BFV and personally as a vegan and health ambassador. You have helped changed my life and improve the life of some close friends also! With your help and example I have come to see that living a vegetarian life can be healthy and sustainable and doesn’t have to be done all at once, or in an unhealthy extremist way. I am now on my way to living values that are much more congruent with my true ethics and I’m feeling so much healthier too! My friends, to which I have recommended your site, were mostly already vegans and they have all told me how much they love your recipes and fitness tips also! You have helped one of my friends in particular to incorporate a more balanced approach to the vegan lifestyle and she has seen her own, and her family’s improve also! You are making such a difference! One yummy recipe and blog, at a time! Keep up the great work! We love BFV!!! :) :) :) :) :) xoxoxo

My twinny and I have definitely had our shares of ups and downs, but it is so amazing..even from the other side of the world to watch her journey, and how much she has overcome not just with her veganism, but within herself.  Her transformation has really been an amazing one, to everyone, including myself.  Hannah truly is an inspiration.  She is encouraging people, including myself, to change their ways.  And I believe she is doing her part in making this planet a better (and healthier) one.  The knowledge she is showing, and the help she is providing – weather it be the nasty facts of where our meat products actually come from, or a nice yummy chocolate recipe, it’s quite impressive!  And I am so proud of her, I am proud of not only the woman she has become, but to call her my best friend, my twin sister.  Eryn Lowe – Twin Sister

betterfitvegan represents many of the values of Hannah as well as being  fruit of struggles that she has worked through, and continues to work  through. Hannah has long had a love of animals; the usual cats and dogs that pass  through a family’s life along with a pet donkey, cow and a few goats. However  over time she has come to see respect and love for animals is more than just  loving those that we encounter as pets but also respecting their right to  comfort, acknowledging that they experience pain and suffering. Hannah has come  to a place to where she strongly challenges whether we humans really do have a  right, long accepted, to use animals merely as a means of furthering our own  base pleasures.Also, Hannah has long been creative, and kind however has also known the  “Black Dog”  that can so often stand in the way of our personal growth and  our interactions with others.  This website represents her creativity, her  love of animals and her basic kindness; however much more it also is a milestone  in her life’s progress in overcoming the challenges that the Black Dog can throw  our way.  Well done Hannah. – Trevor Lowe, Father.

Since Hannah has started her journey to in fitness and a vegan lifestyle, I cannot begin to explain how many good changes I have seen in her. I have never before met somebody who has such a passion for something and follows everything through, giving her 100% everyday. Now that Hannah has a routine and diet in place, it has done away with the days of not caring for whatever happens and puts in a focused passion for herself and others. When i see her with animals and heading off to the gym, I see the happiness in her face and fullness in her smile. In the 4 years I have known her, it is hard to believe this is the same person I have seen during the ‘dark days’. Without any shadow of doubt this has been the best experience for Hannah and the light at the end of the tunnel she had so badly needed. If we could all have 10% of Hannah’s determination and passion we would all be better people.- Barry Keegan, Friend.

Hey cuz!   I just wanted to pass on my congratulations on your ‘better fit vegan’ page. What an awesome job you are doing! Im so proud of you :) although im not vegan, you certainly are inspiring me in so many ways like your recipes (which im dying to try), healthier snacks/options and fitness and lifestyle changes.   You are such an amazing person and i so admire your positive outlook on life. You probably dont even realise it but your positive posts have really been helping me with things lately and i thank you so much for that :) Keep up the great work Hannah Lots of love and kisses Chadai xxx -Chadai Loveridge – Cousin

Hey Hannah!! Cheers to you! Majority of people are ignorant when they are told what they don’t want to hear!! Good on you for your comments but it’s almost always falls on deaf ears!! Which highly irritates me on a daily basis!!  Keep up the good work anyway!! Xx Your one of a kind!! Trust me!! Animals need you.  Keep doing what your doing the world needs u xxx -Rachel Wotton, Facebook.

Han, you are so inspiring!! your constant reminders are helping me transition back to living a cruelty free life. i really appreciate it!! thanks darling!! keep it up, i love it!! -Rebecca French, friend.

Keep the good stuff coming on betterfitvegan. its very interesting to me, i couldnt do it but i find a lot of the stuff you post to be quite motivational! xooxo -Hannah Coogan, friend.

Dear miss Hannah I just wanted to let you know that I like following you on Facebook and think u have grown into a wonderful young lady and you should be very proud!!!  Just wanted to say that!! Have a fab weekend!! -Nicole Marles, friend.

Babe, I just wanna and HAVE to say how amazing betterfitvegan page is!! I’m so excited for you and I think what your doing is incredible! It brings a tear to my eye! seriously! Going veg is something I’ve been contemplating for a while now and to be honest, i’m scared only coz I have no idea where to start!! That’s why i’m well excited for your recipes! How did you start? Ahh so scared lol! Also, does Barry eat meat? I don’t want my choice to effect Tom although I know some of his fav foods r vegan! Also, do you know of a good hair styling brand? Again Hannah, your page is amazing and this whole thing your doing is breath takingly awesome. And you look HOT ya cuz xx -Courtney James Mayus, cousin.

To my adorable niece Hannah- I respect your choices- but cant agree to your length- but you as always do me proud – when you believe in something you stand by it with a passion. I take my hat off to you. - Gayle Loveridge, Aunty.

I can’t thank BFV enough for her support on my vegan fitness journey! Her knowledge and advice is changing my outlook on life. BFV is helping me to set achievable goals to become the best version of me possible. Looking forward to a healthy happy 2013 with my health and fitness guru. Love love love BFV! -Michelle Wilkinson, facebook.