Last week I posted about the importance of planning, not just with your food but with your exercise. Another type of planning we should do especially when taking on a new nutrition and fitness lifestyle is – support.

There are going to be times when you are struggling, you may be losing site of your goals and what you want to achieve, lack of motivation or those negative thoughts are becoming a little louder… It’s crucial to not only have the tools to support yourself in these times, but to have supportive people surrounding you.

Create a supportive network through friends, family, online forums, Facebook pages, websites, doctors, counsellors, trainers, even certain TV programs, books you read or shops you visit.

Have people surround you that are going to help motivate you and keep you on track. You aren’t alone! At the end of the day yes it’s you that’s responsible for your decisions but it’s just as important to be around people that have the similar interests and that will support you in achieving your goals!

Unfortunately we may have people in our life that aren’t ready for change, they might be unhappy with themselves or no matter how much you love each other they can’t support you or be a good influence for you and your lifestyle change. It doesn’t mean you love them any less, but sometimes we need to distance ourselves or filter through people and their behaviours.

One thing I’ve learnt is you can’t change people. No matter how much you need them to or want them to, you can’t. The only person you can change is yourself. If you love someone whether it’s your partner, friend or family member and you want them in your life but they aren’t giving you the support you need, then YOU need to change in how you manage/deal with them in your life and filter their behaviours. Let in what you love about them but filter out the things you don’t.

Tips – Find 3 people that share the same goals as you and support each other!! Whether it’s doing something together to hold you accountable, texting one another to encourage them to go to that 6am bootcamp or run… I’ve even created private Facebook walls for my ‘buddies’ and I to upload how we are feeling, our goals, pictures of the foods we have eaten, what exercise we have done for the day, motivational affirmations to keep us going etc. Join a fitness group, maybe a bootcamp, gym, some sort of program, sporting team, online forum, the support is out there, just use it! :)