Sunday 7th April – Saturday 13th April


Third week in my weights program this week meaning = 5 sets in each of my training days… then de-load next week! Shuffled a few things around with what I had planned but still got everything in. Here’s what I got up to:

Sunday 7th April:

Weight training program #1 increased sets to 5x, included 5min of cardio on cross-trainer warm up. No HIIT after as I did bikram yoga in the afternoon. Needed to save some energy! I enjoyed bikram but found myself struggle a little more so than the first time round, it really is just as much your mind as it is physical. I’m going to stick at it though as I am loving the benefits of it! My skin being clearer for starters and the feeling you have leaving bikram – amazing.

Monday 8th April:

Had my rest day, I definitely needed it. Remember, rest is just as important as training!

Tuesday 9th April:

Weight training program #2 increased sets to 5x, included 5min of cardio on the cross trainer and 12min of HIIT on the rower after.

Wednesday 10th April:

10min of cardio warm up on the cross trainer, then some tabata sprints on the spin bikes before completing TRX class. My arms were sore the next day!

Thursday 11th April:

HIIT only today. Changed it up a little bit as appose to last week’s HIIT session. Spent 15min on rower 30:30 and incline running on treadmill plus sprints.

Friday 12th April:

A nice walk with Baz and Tasha.

Saturday 13th April:

Had a lot squished in to today, went to Edgars Mission 10 year anniversary (watch this space regarding the Kindness Challenge!) so couldn’t commit to bikram but I still had program #3 with 5x sets to complete, that I did. 5min cardio warm up followed by 15min of HIIT after on the rower.

Plan for the week ahead - DE LOAD WEEK

Sunday – Walked Tasha, had another busy day so only managed the walk in unfortunately.

Monday – Well, my plan was TRX class followed by some HIIT however I didn’t make it to work today due to a massive migraine. Slept all day after not sleeping all night. :(

Tuesday – Bikram!

Wednesday – PT weights but de-loading. Either focusing on muscle groups that don’t get as much specific attention, or doing the same routine but 60% off weights, focusing on form.

Thursday – Either circuit class or another HIIT session.

Friday – Weights & HIIT.

Saturday – Bikram or 5km run, or some light weights & HIIT at gym.

Have a good week everyone!!