Sunday 5th May – Saturday 11th May



Wow, my days are well and truly mixed up! I’m home now after 5 days visiting my Mum in Nth Qld for Mothers Day which was lovely :)

In life we are always going to face circumstances where we are thrown out of our routine…For me that meant no sunday weekly cook up, no gym, no Baz, no Milly & Tash and none of my normal health food grocery shops for all my goodies. So – what did I do? Made the best out of what I had.

One of my favourite all time quotes:

‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are’.

It relates to life on all different levels!

You should have seen my suitcase! Protein powder, coconut oil, cacao, natvia, peanut flour, baked snacks etc etc etc No this wasn’t a pain or an inconvenience…it actually saved any inconveniences for me on my trip. There was no gym and my arm is still injured PLUS the MOST IMPORTANT thing was to enjoy the time with my Mum…so….this is what I got up to:

Sunday 5th May:

Afternoon weights session at the gym with cardio warm up. Not following my program #1, 2 & 3 with injury so very minimal upper body exercises. Couldn’t quite get through my usual 10-15min of HIIT after weights but glad I made it to the gym at all with my injury.

Monday 6th May:

20min of cross trainer and incline walking on treadmill, was working up a sweat! A part of me wishes I just stuck to this rather than doing the TRX class as there was a lot I couldn’t do because of my arm. I chatted to the instructor beforehand and just did what I could. 10min of incline walking on treadmill after class.

Tuesday 7th May:

20min of cross trainer and incline walking on treadmill as a warm up followed by my weekly PT weight session. Another combination of all three programs plus adding core work and focusing on my form. Finished it off with 16x 20:10 interval sprints – my first bit of running since my injury, loved it!!

Wednesday 8th May:

Rest Day, and fly to Townsville.

Thursday 9th May:

Spent the day driving up to Mums place from Townsville, grocery shopping and relaxing with Mum :)

Friday 10th May:

10min outdoor run to my Mums friends house who has some weights in the garage. Did a circuit with lots of leg work and skipping and working up a sweat with the humidity up there!

Saturday 11th May:

Another day of nothing!

Plan for the week ahead….

Sunday – Did another 10min outdoor run, skipping and weights circuit. Was able to incorporate some upper body work but still taking it easy with my hand.

Monday – Went to a 24/7 gym in Townsville before my flight, more weights and incline sprints – stay tuned for next week’s post :)

Tuesday – Squeezing some HIIT in on my lunch break if I get time

Wednesday – PT weight session, hopefully arm back up and running!

Thursday – Bikram Yoga.

Friday – Weights

Saturday – Rest, walk with Baz and Tasha or another Bikram.

Have a great week :)