Sunday 3rd March – Saturday 9th March


Missed a couple of sessions I had planned this past week but was hit with bit of a cold and was in Sydney for work for two days. That combined with lack of sleep, I was exhausted. So not beating myself up too much about it!! Really focusing on NOT looking back, only looking forward. KEEP LOOKING FORWARD :)

Sunday 3rd March:

Was up nice and early for the farmers markets with Bazzy. Have now incorporated in our Sunday morning routine the 1000 steps. We’re already out that way so might as well make the most of it!! Sunday however is my ‘weights’ day so after a nice long nanna nap in the afternoon I hit the gym for an hour in the late afternoon for weights session. Yeah!

Monday 4th March:

Lunch time circuit class which was a little different today. Focused on less ‘stations’ but repeated each station with two different exercises in a tabata type form. Absolutely smashed me! No TRX class in the afternoon….

Tuesday 5th March:

Can you believe it – I gave up my weekly abs/core/results class for my PT session. I originally had this planned so I could attend the TRX class on Wednesday afternoon (even though I didn’t end up making it because I was sick!!) as I’m trying to focus more on strength training.

Wednesday 6th March:

Bed. Bed. Bed. Rest. Rest. Rest. (So much for my TRX plan this week!) Oh well….

Thursday 7th March:

Still not sleeping the best especially after spending the day in bed yesterday. Argghh!! So after only a few hours of broken sleep, and up at 430am for an early flight to Sydney for work, I was absolutely exhausted!! Still – I knew I would just crash after a killer work out. Which is exactly what I did. Hotel gym all to myself and did some back and leg weights work. Loved it!

Friday 8th March:

Back from Sydney and not home until 7pm. Went with Baz to his 24/7 gym and did another weights session with some HIIT.

Saturday 9th March:

Nooooo, two weeks in a row. Still wasn’t feeling 100% and still not sleeping the best so had another rest day this week, no Saturday routine for me! *It’s OK!!*

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – Why not, 1000 steps again. Which is what I did – however a big day out with Baz running errands and out for ‘date night’ dinner -skipped the weights in the afternoon.

Monday – PUBLIC HOLIDAY in Melbourne, woohoo!! Perfect for a weights session with some HIIT and a big stretch after.

Tuesday – Ok, back to my ab/core/results (cardio/light weights) class.

Wednesday – PT session (weights).

Thursday – Lunch time circuit class and ab/core class OR Rest day.

Friday – Weights session.

Saturday – Maybe a rest day (If Thursday wasn’t) BUT I MUST do yoga – my mind needs it!!!

Remember – FOCUS. MOVE. FORWARD :)