Sunday 31st March – Saturday 6th April


Sorry for the delay; so busy lately. Got so much planned for BFV, my training and nutrition, not to mention my personal life! I’m usually very organised, need to be even MORE organised now :) The week that was… (another great one!)

Sunday 31st March:

As mentioned in previous post, smashed the 1000 steps x2 and in the rain, only managed to stack it once!! In the evening I completed my weight training program #1 with sets increased to 4. Post still to follow explaining my new approach with weight training and my personalised 12 week program I’m on with my PT.

Monday 1st April:

Walk in the park with Baz and Tash.

Tuesday 2nd April:

Rest Day – absolutely nothing!! Don’t feel guilty, Don’t feel guilty….

Wednesday 3rd April:

PT session with weights program #2 sets increased to 4. 5min cardio warm up and 10min HIIT on the rower after.

Thursday 4th April:

Didn’t make it to lunch time circuit class or bikram…was so close to not doing anything which I would have only regretted and beaten myself up over. I had to work late today so quickly ducked off in the afternoon to the gym for HIIT cardio. It looked a little something like this:

*5min cross trainer warm up
*15min HIIT on treadmill (4min incline increased running @ 9km p/h inclined from 3 – 9 every minute, 4min 15km p/h sprints (20:10) and 4min 1km p/h increased running from 12km p/h – 15km p/h every min. 1min of walking in between each set of intervals) RUINED ME!!!
10min of HIIT on rower (30:30)

I highly recommend incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into your training program; no matter what your goals are. Most people dread cardio, I don’t mind it, but it’s easier to ‘skip’ then weights, I actually enjoy my weight training. So HIIT is even better, get more out of it for less. Smash it for 15min – 30min rather then run for an hour.

Friday 5th April:

Weight training program #3 with sets increased to 4. 5min cardio warm up & 12min of HIIT on rower after.

Saturday 6th April:

No bikram again (I ended up doing it on Sunday) but did another cardio HIIT program I made up incorporating tabata (20:10 on bike), 12min HIIT on rower (30:30) and a circuit incorporating the fit ball, TRX, kettle bells, leg raises and push ups. Another program smashed!

Plan for week ahead:

Sunday – I ended up doing weight training in the morning with 5min cardio warm up, program #1 increasing sets to 5 and then bikram in the evening. Did not do any HIIT.

Monday – Rest day, I needed it!!

Tuesday – Just got home from weight training program #2, 5min cardio warm up, increasing sets to 5 and 12min of HIIT on rower after.

Wednesday – 5min cardio warm up, TRX class and 10min of HIIT on rower after (my aim anyway!)

Thursday – Hopefully a morning run around albert park lake approx 5km.

Friday – Weight training program #3 increasing sets to 5 and 12min of HIIT on rower. Of course warming up for 5min!

Saturday – Bikram!

Have a great week everyone!!!  :)