Sunday 28th April – Saturday 4th May


Well…you won’t believe it. I had another fall, resulting in injury! Two falls in the past week from running, outside, is this a sign? Noooo…. I might stick to HIIT in the gym for now as I don’t want any more set backs with my weight training. I’ve had my hand in a sling, support band around my wrist on and have been on pain killers, which I’m not to happy about. But all in all, there was no broken bones and I’m healing fast. I took the chance to rest and recover, but didn’t let this obstacle stand in my way….I couldn’t use my hand, but hey, I have a whole lower body to work with still. Legs it is!



Sunday 28th April:

Started the day off with weights in the gym, I lie – I had a coffee and a banana. Perfect snack pre workout. Then home for a big breakfast :) I did 5min cardio warm up, followed by weights program #2 with increase in weights. Finished it all off with 12min of HIIT on the rower. Took Barry with me today which was great! Also did indoor rock climbing in the afternoon.

Monday 29th April:

After a full on week, I decided it was rest day. I thought I was going to do my TRX class on Wednesday… that was until my fall….

Tuesday 30th April:

Morning run, about 15min into it I tripped and fell over – again! My good leggings for running outdoors in the cold completely ripped apart, as was my jumper and there was blood everywhere. Wah…. I fell exactly the same way as I did the week before :( I had my right arm checked out with the dr and x-rays, no broken bones but couldn’t move my arm at all :( I rested at home for the afternoon with a dose of pain killers.

Wednesday 1st May:

Another day off unfortunately resting my arm.

Thursday 2nd May:

Afternoon PT session! Was soooo looking forward to this after a couple of days off! Also, with the supervision of my PT, I was able to complete some of my weight program #3 with some exercises being removed focusing mainly on my lower body. Except I kept my deadlifts, woohoo, by far my favourite exercise!! Added calf and lower back work towards the end to make up for the upper body exercises being removed. So no set backs, just a little re-shuffling. My next few programs for a couple of weeks maybe less *hopefully* will be a bit different but still focusing on the overall 12 week program with increase in weights. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and no HIIT on the rower for me after due to my sore arm. Did 10min of 20sec on 10sec off on the cross trainer instead - I was wrecked! *NO SETBACKS*

Friday 3rd May:

Woohoo, backing it up with another weights session. My arm had a bit more mobility today so I was able to introduce lat pull downs and seated rows. Still my main focus was legs! Warmed up with 10min of cardio and only did 4min of HIIT on the bike after 20sec on 10sec off.

Saturday 4th May:

Morning walk with a friend and Tasha, afternoon Bikram session.

**So, I didn’t get to do what I originally planned after my injury but I tried to make the most of it and did what I could. I still did my best. Always remember, if you fall down (literally) get back up, shake it off, and keep going. If some things holding you back, don’t let it, just try a different way!! You’ll get there. **

Week ahead:

Sunday – Afternoon weights session with 5min cardio warm up, increase in weights however I did a bit of all 3 programs mixed into 1. Only managed 3min of HIIT on the rower before realising I was pushing myself with my arm still not being 100% better; on the treadmill with incline intervals for 10min. Worked it!

Monday – TRX – See how I go, if not, 15min of HIIT.

Tuesday – PT session.

Wednesday – Day off and flying to my Mums in north Qld, this will be a test! I intend on still completing my weight training plus some hiking, swimming and riding. Will be as active as possible whilst still enjoying time with my Mum.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – As above, will keep you posted with next weeks regime as to what I got up to :)