Sunday 26th May – Saturday 1st June


Another great week with training and nutrition….well….a few slip ups with peanut butter, but I made sure it fit into my macronutrients, yummmmm. I do love peanut butter!

Anyway – feeling right back on track with my training and hitting some PBs (personal bests, not peanut butter! hehe) in the gym. I need to remind myself that this is where my goals are, waiting to be achieved. In my strength training, in the gym – more so than ‘my appearance’.

I found myself quite overwhelmed in bikram this week as well. I had to lay in Savasana towards the end reminding myself to simply breath in through the nose, and out…I really really had to focus on this and only this! I almost felt like I was going to cry! Spoke with the instructor after and she mentioned the energy had been really off lately. Also the girls coming out of the class were discussing the same emotions I was having. Wow, how powerful it can be! Breath in, Breath out. One of the strongest tools I use to overcome so much in my life.


Sunday 26th May:

Loved being outdoors today, tagged along with Tasha and Baz and went for a 5km run.

Monday 27th May:

Nooooo. Second last day before de-load week with my training. Warmed up with 5min on the cross trainer then completed program #1 with increase in weights. I can finally increase weights properly with my bicep/tricep sets now that my hand is 100%. Finished off with 12min of 30:30 on the rower for 12min.

Tuesday 28th May:

Rest day!

Wednesday 29th May:

PT and completed training program #2. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and a run, then finished off with 12min of HIIT 30:30 on the rower.

Thursday 30th May:

Cardio only today. Did 10min warm up then my usual HIIT routine on the treadmill including incline running @ 9km p/h incline @ 3%,  5%, 7%, 9%. Then running @ 10, 11, 12 13km p/h and also sprints @ 16km p/h 20:10 for 8 reps. Walking for 1min in between each set of intervals. Also did my usual 12min of HIIT 30:30 on the rower and some core work.

Friday 31st May:

First day of de-load and I actually surprised myself how far I have come. My De-load weight was once upon a time (not too long ago actually) my training weight. I increased my reps to 10 and really focused on my form, worked up a sweat! Finished it off with of course….12min of HIIT on the rower 30:30.

Saturday 1st June:

Completed weight circuit just like last week targeting isolated muscle groups – triceps, biceps, shoulders, calves, lower back and core. Also did a 10min warm up on the cross trainer and 20min after on the treadmill with lots of incline intervals.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – Bikram – the practice I really struggled with….I am so sore today as well!

Monday – Was planning on a de-load weights day but think I might rest and swap it with tomorrow.  Ended up taking Tasha for a walk :)

Tuesday - Originally planned on being a rest day but will now do a de-load weights session & HIIT.

 Wednesday – De-load weights session, cardio warm up and HIIT on rower for 12-15min, back to back!

Thursday – HIIT/core.

Friday – De-load weights session, cardio warm up and HIIT on rower for 12min.

Saturday – Weight circuit & Cardio.

Have a good week, breathe in, breathe out!