Sunday 24th March – Saturday 30th March


Had a great week this week! Had my weigh in and measurements with my PT (Do this every 3-4 weeks or so) and finally, after weeks if not months of plateauing…. results!! Whatever happens, no matter what, or how long for, don’t ever just STOP. Change something, are you eating too much, are you not eating enough, are you training too much, are you not training enough, are you doing the same thing you’ve always done, Change it, just don’t stop!

Sunday 24th March:

Nailed the 1000 steps x2. Another day in the kitchen (what else do I do on a Sunday, really?) but didn’t make it to my afternoon weight session. I was beating myself up so much about this but I had to tell myself ‘Hannah, stop, you still did something, you did the steps, not once, but twice, why are you giving yourself a hard time’. I too have to take some of my own advise!

Monday 25th March:

I felt like absolute shit today. Those of you who know me personally, know I’ve been through a bit ‘health wise’ this past year or so and didn’t have a period for 8 months. I worked with my naturopath after being diagnosed with PCOS and got my period back pretty much 2 weeks after seeing her and have had it 3 times exactly to the cycle since, she’s amazing! Anyway, I’ll be posting about PCOS and Naturopathy at a later date for those who are interested. Today thought I got my period and had lack of sleep and all I wanted to do was EAT and sleep. But….I made it to the gym, did some light cardio warm up and a TRX strengthening class. Yeew!

Tuesday 26th March: 

Went for a nice long walk with Baz and Tash. Took Tash down to the beach but learnt she doesn’t really like the water :( Hard for me when I’ve grown up by the beach my whole life! Will stick to the park :)

Wednesday 27th March:

PT Weights (Program #2, 8x exercises, mainly compound movements, 4x 2 supersets, 10 reps, 3 sets) with light cardio warm up and 10min of HIIT on the rower after. I’m currently doing a 12 week strengthening program with my PT, I will also be writing more on this on a separate post. So stay tuned!

Thursday 28th March:

Rest day. Nothing at all!

Friday 30th March:

Weigh in and measurements today. Woohoo, finally, results! In saying this, it’s important to remember your results might not always show on the scales or on a measuring tape…I saw results within myself. My attitude, my approach to food and exercises, going a bit easier on myself not giving myself such a hard time. Resting, learning more about macronutrients and ensuring I have a balance of protein, carbs & fats (another post to come!). ANYWAY – I did weights (Program #3, 8x exercises, mainly compound movements, 4x 2 supersets, 10 reps, 3 sets) with a light cardio warm up and 10min HIIT on the rower after.

I also tried something new – Bikram Yoga. Now, I’m not doing this for the ‘calorie burning factor’ (I did wear my HRM and burnt 700+ calories though!) but more for my ~mind~…and…wow…I LOVED IT. I have to admit, I was so scared, but seriously, cannot recommend it enough.

Saturday 31st March:

Went for a nice run around the tan, approx 4km :)

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – I met up with a new friend I’ve made through exercise, did the 1000 steps x2, in the rain to! Made it to my afternoon weights session where I completed Program ##1 but increased sets to 4.

Monday – Rest Day but took Tasha with Baz down to the park and ran around with her :) Love ‘incidental exercise!’.

Tuesday – Haven’t decided yet but either HIIT and ab/core class and Bikram or my light weights/cardio class called ‘results’. Didn’t do it last week, but I know I need to ‘let it go’ and try something different for a few weeks.

Wednesday – PT Session, Program #2 – increasing sets to 4, HIIT on rower after.

Thursday – Circuit lunch time class or even Bikram again!

Friday – Weights, Program #3 – 4x sets, HIIT on rower after.

Saturday – Bikram Yoga and/or outdoor run. Leaving the ‘cardio’ days a little ‘blank’ atm and being open to anything whether I use it for an outdoor run, bikram class, circuit class or HIIT. Again, I’m focusing on my weight training atm but it’s still important to incorporate HIIT or some form of cardio for fat loss!

Bla Bla Bla, that’s enough out of me. Hope you had a great easter (did you try any of the raw recipes??) And stay tuned for more posts!