Sunday 24th February – Saturday 2nd March


Woohoo! Feeling great after the week just gone and not feeling guilty about missing a couple of days either. I’m really learning to ‘let it go’ (a saying I try apply to other aspects of my life!) and try listen to my body, understand the difference between being lazy and actually my body telling me I need rest. So, rest is what I did! Saturday after Soundwave (which by the way was my first sober music festival!) I found myself still lazing around in bed at 11am and it was AWESOME!! Here’s what I got up to :)

Sunday 24th February:

Almost skipped the gym listening to that voice (it was definitely the lazy one!) but made it for an hour and did my own weights circuit. Really focusing at the moment on compound movements so that I’m engaging more than one muscle group. Felt so good after my workout and so glad I didn’t cancel. I’ve been napping a bit lately on a Sunday afternoon, turning into a nanna!

Monday 25th February:

Circuit class on my lunch break. Tabata at the start and finish of class.

Tuesday 26th February:

My usual class that I love – core/ab class with a 10-15min light cardio warm up, followed by ‘results’, combination of light weights and cardio.

Wednesday 27th February:

My PT session was not on Wednesday this week, back to Thursday. Previously I had been doing pump class, which yes I love but I’m really focusing at the moment on heavier lifting and my form. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always incorporated the class to help me focus on form and posture BUT with where I’m at right now with my training, I want to focus on those exercises specifically.

SO – I tried something different – TRX class! I’ve used the TRX rope in circuit classes before and around the gym but never a whole class….and….I LOVED IT. It’s fun, it’s not a big class, the instructor is lovely and it’s a different form of strength training. Highly recommend it!

Thursday 28th February:

Morning PT with weigh in and measurements. Weigh in was rubbish but my measurements have shifted a little, so focusing on moving forward, yes jumping on the scales every so often but focusing more on results like how I feel, my measurements, what I’m achieving, my strength training and how my clothes fit. Was therefor only able to squeeze in about half of training so hit the circuit class at lunch time as well.

Friday 1st March: 

SOUNDWAVE – my first sober music festival! SO glad I did it and to prove to myself and others I don’t need to drink or take drugs to have a good time or for people to enjoy my company. It was awesome, and I remember every second of it :) Consisted of a lot of walking around and ‘dancing’ and not really the healthiest food options so I took my healthy snacks and had a falafel wrap for lunch, not toooo bad considering it’s a music festival. Made sure I drank LOTS of water!

Saturday 2nd March:

I had hoped to hit the gym but after a massive day Friday, getting home at 1am, I slept on and off until 11am….much needed! Was a little sore after Friday. Made up for it on Sunday though!!

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – I was up nice and early for farmers markets and the 1000s steps with Baz. We did the longer course which was 2.5km and it was painful! In the afternoon I had another nanna nap, woke up and smashed it at the gym with some weights.

Monday – Lunch time circuit class and possibly TRX class, only because I can’t make it on Wednesday. Will see how I’m feeling.

Tuesday – My favourite class ofcourse – ab/core with light cardio warm up followed by results class (combination of light weights and cardio)

Wednesday – Maybe a nice walk in the morning, we’ve been having some lovely weather. Afternoon PT session.

Thursday – I’ll be in Sydney for work, so I think I’ll use this as my rest day.

 Friday – Hit the hotel gym for some weights in the morning.

Saturday – 2x Circuit classes followed by yoga.

Enjoy your week!