Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th April


Really happy with what I achieved training wise this week! Increase in weights with my strength training program, bikram yoga 3 times, outdoor walks and listening to my body and how I was feeling! Food wise, I wasn’t spot on…I still ate healthy, wholesome foods but dining out. The thing I struggle the most with food is being social. It’s important to find that healthy balance with food and being social/catching up with friends. Don’t allow friendships to be neglected because you are afraid of what you might eat out…In saying that, don’t go nuts and order crap off the menu! This is something I work on myself, finding that balance. Again, it’s all about balance! I had a friend visit for the weekend and it was Barry and myself’s anniversary so enjoyed all the fine food Melbourne has to offer!

Sunday 21st April:

Still wasn’t feeling quite myself and didn’t make it to weight training :( Luckily it was de-load week. I did however attend bikram yoga- it was just what I needed.

Monday 22nd April:

Right, back into the swing of things! Weight training- because it was de-load week and I had missed a couple of sessions I kinda incorporated two of the 3 programs in together but still decreased my weights by 20%. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and finished off with 15min of HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday 23rd April:

Walk with Baz and Tash then Bikram.

Wednesday 24th April:

The moment I’ve been waiting for – Increase in weights with my training program, decrease in reps and sets (6-8 reps, sets of 3) for the next 3 weeks. Increasing weights back up + 20%. Got to the gym early so did 15min in total of warm up on the cross trainer, after the session 12min of HIIT on the rower. Completed weight training program #3.

Thursday 25th April:

Enjoyed a lovely morning breakfast with Baz for our anniversary :) Followed by a few hours sleep, must have needed it! That evening took Tasha and Baz to the park where I did some HIIT running outside and actually had a really bad fall. I went flying! Ripped my jumper and tights and really hurt my right arm and leg. No more running for me :(

Friday 26th April:

Weight training program #1 with 5min cardio warm up and 15min of HIIT on the rower after. Smashed it!! Felt so good!

Saturday 27th April: 

Bikram! I will do my final weight set tomorrow :)

The week ahead:

Sunday - Weight training program #2 with 12min of HIIT on rower after, warm up for 5min with cardio. Also did some indoor rock climbing.

Monday – A much needed day off. I am exhausted :)

Tuesday – Morning run with a friend, evening weights program #3, increase in weights.

Wednesday – TRX class followed by 12min of HIIT on rower. Cardio warm up for 10min.

Thursday – PT, Weights program either #1 or #2 (increase in weights) with 15min of HIIT on rower after. 5min of cardio warm up.

Friday – HIIT circuit with warm up, tabata on spin bikes, sprints and rower.

Saturday – cardio warm up for 10min, weight training program (whichever one I didn’t do on Thursday + increase in weights) followed by 10min of HIIT on rower after.  Bikram in the afternoon.

Have a great week!