Sunday 19th May – Saturday 25th May


Feeling a lot better this week and back on track with my training. Lots of early nights to try and rest – catch up on my sleep. Rest and Recovery are just as important as training…Remember!

Focusgoals moving forward

Eyes on the prize :)


Sunday 19th May:

No weight training as planned but that’s okay, went on a nice long walk in the morning with a friend, and then another in the afternoon with Baz and Tash. Topped it all off with an evening at Bikram. Ahhhh :)

Monday 20th May:

Made up from yesterday and completed training program #1 with increase in weights. Warmed up with 5min on the cross trainer and finished it off with 12min of 30:30 HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday 21st May:

Arhhhh!! Wanted to do Bikram tonight, got to the studio and the class was full, even being 15min early! I was so frustrated!! Ended up getting called into work so ‘it wasn’t meant to be’. Luckily I still got in a good walk that afternoon with Tasha :)

Wednesday 22nd May:

PT time….Warmed up for 10min on the cross trainer then did weight session #2, the last session of my first full increase in weights since being ‘back’! Feeling good! Didn’t get to do some of the push ups at the end as I am still struggling with putting weight on my hand. Also missed out on some lat pull downs as we were focusing on stretching my back in between squat sets instead. Finished it off with some sprints on the treadmill, until the rower became available then my favourite HIIT 30:30 for 12min.

Thursday 23rd May:

Woohoo! Bikram :) Made sure I got there extra early. Oh, I love it!!

Friday 24th May:

Weight training program #3, another increase in weights. Final week before de-load. Started off with 10min cross-trainer warm up, finished it off with, you guessed it, 12min on the rower 30:30 HIIT.

Saturday 25th May:

Morning circuit at the gym as I had a weigh in/measurements/callipers appointment with my trainer. Warmed up with 10min of incline walking on the treadmill then did some weight training on specific muscle groups: shoulders/triceps/back/calves then some kettle bell swings and core work. Had planned on doing bikram that afternoon which is why I didn’t finish my training off with any HIIT, but was advised not to due to some health stuff going on!! Don’t worry, it’s all good!

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - Went for an outdoor 5km run.

Monday – Weight training program #1, cardio warm up and HIIT after.

Tuesday – Either rest day or do another outdoor run.

Wednesday – Weight training program #2, cardio warm up and HIIT after.

Thursday – Possibly Bikram or some HIIT @ the gym, or rest day, orrr another outdoor run. Haven’t decided yet :)

Friday – First day of de-load week. Practicing my same training programs but taking 20% of weight off to focus on form. HIIT after.

Saturday – Another weight/circuit style training at the gym, maybe Bikram in the afternoon :)

Focus!!! Have a good week!