Sunday 17th March – Saturday 23rd March


Sorry for the delay; I’m writing this as I’m contemplating not going to my gym class tonight. It’s just cardio (focusing mainly on weights at the moment) but I’ve got my goals in place and they aren’t achieved by skipping exercise. I just can’t be bothered!!! I posted something earlier this week about excuses and choices. We don’t have excuses, we have choices, make the right ones, and if you don’t, learn from them. Here’s what I got up to:

Sunday 17th March:

Evening weight sessions & 10min HIIT on the rower after a light walk in the morning with Tasha (our adopted doggy) and Barry. Was wrecked after a busy day of cooking!

Monday 18th March:

Didn’t want a rest day but had a busy day @ work so missed my lunch time circuit class, I then had an appointment after work so didn’t get to the gym today…. :(

Tuesday 19th March:

Core/Circuit class (cardio & light weights) with cross-trainer warm up.

Wednesday 20th March:

Afternoon PT weights session followed by 10min HIIT on the rower. Learnt 1 of the 3 new weight programs I’ll be doing for the next 12 weeks. Exciting! Focusing at first on shorter reps, longer sets, then increase in weights for shorter sets and reps. My PT has it all covered! Bam!

Thursday 21st March:

Lunch time circuit class. Strengthening/light weights/HIIT type class. Afternoon light walk with Tasha and Barry.

Friday 22nd March:

Light cross trainer warm up for my evening weights session followed by 10min HIIT on the rower.

Saturday 23rd March:

Rest day…I was feeling really sore in my back so just took it easy for the weekend.

What’s planned for the week ahead:

Sunday  - 1000s Steps (ended up doing this twice, smashed it! But was wrecked by the afternoon and didn’t do my Sunday weights)

Monday – TRX Class. Got to the gym a bit before it started so did some warm up on the cross-trainer and some deadlifts, incline chest presses, incline bench bicep curls – this hurts!! and Push ups. Quick little circuit before the class but I won’t include this as a ‘weights’ day.

Tuesday – Well that’s today, as I’m typing. I have planned my core/circuit (light weights and cardio) class. Again, no excuses. I’m feeling a little exhausted lately and need to start listening to my body but I get scared I’m confusing it with being lazy. So will see, and you’ll see in next weeks post :) Maybe a rest day.

Wednesday – Afternoon weights session with PT, followed by 10min HIIT on the rower.

Thursday – Outdoor run.

Friday – Afternoon weights followed by 10min HIIT on the rower.

Saturday – Want to incorporate some form of strengthening training due to my Sunday off last week with weights. I might split this up by doing chest/back today and either Friday or Sunday (next weeks program) do legs/abs. Both followed by 10min HIIT.

Have a good week!