Sunday 17th February – Saturday 23rd February


Another week gone and another week I’m closer to achieving my goals. I feel great after the week that was…. Focusing on heavier weight training and eating through being mindful of macros (just how much protein, carbs and fat I was consuming). It’s not for everyone, but it’s a different approach I’m taking to my nutrition and for me, it’s working. I’m hoping this fuels muscle to build whilst burning fat, a fine balance. Here is what I got up to!

Sunday 17th February:

Spent the day walking around with Barry, so kept the day off training wise.

Monday 18th February:

Lunch time circuit class with tabata at the start and finish of class

Tuesday 19th February:

Light Cardio warm up on the cross-trainer followed by my fav core/ab class and results class (light weights & cardio)

Wednesday 20th February:

No more pump! Exchanging this for my weekly PT session consisting of heavy weights and some cardio.

Thursday 21st February:

Rest day!! (Don’t feel guilty, Don’t feel guilty)

Friday 22nd February:

After work evening weight session, didn’t get out of work until a little later so didn’t get done as much as I had planned but still smashed it. Especially the assisted chin ups! (hopefully unassisted just around the corner….)

Saturday 23rd February:

Yay! Got my butt up and made it in time for the earlier circuit class which is actually a lot tougher then the 2nd one – and I did both! Took it a little easier in the second class but was so happy to be apart of both. Before yoga starting at 1030am I skipped the HIIT sprints and walked on the treadmill at a medium pace at a high incline. Did the trick! Struggled this week with yoga, mind of matter. I’ll get there…

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – weights (which I did!)

Monday – Circuit class or Spin

Tuesday – Cardio, core, results class

Wednesday – Have to do my PT back on a Thursday morning this week so not sure what I’ll do here on Wednesday. Might do pump class.

Thursday – Morning PT session AND it’s a weigh in and measurements check up…

Friday – I’m taking this as my rest day depending what I get done Wednesday or Thursday. I’m going to Soundwave festival so I’ll either do something first thing in the morning or just have a rest day!

Saturday – hmmm. I’d like to say I’ll be doing my weekly morning circuit classes and yoga but we will see how I’m feeling after Friday. I might use this as a weights day (but in the late afternoon, hello sleep in)

That’s it for me, what have you got planned for your week?

Stay focused!!