Sunday 14th April – Saturday 20th April


Not the best week at all…..Was in bed all day Monday and Tuesday, off work with migraines and upset stomach. I managed a few nice easy walks with Tasha & Barry but didn’t do much in the way of my weight training. Luckily it was de-load week!

Sunday 14th April:

Light walk only with Tasha.

Monday 15th April:

Off sick, went for an easy walk with Tasha.

Tuesday 16th April:

Still off work and not feeling much better. Managed another walk with Tasha.

Wednesday 17th April:

Right, time to get back into it but not push myself too hard… As I was still not feeling 100%… Made it to TRX class with some HIIT for 15min after and a 5min cardio warm up. Also got in some tricep and shoulder work in with the weights. Yeah!! Starting to feel human again…

Thursday 18th April:

My own HIIT circuit including 10min on the cross-trainer warm up, 15min on treadmill (posted a couple of weeks ago the HIIT running program I created) 4min tabata 20:10 on the spin bike, followed by 10min on the cross-trainer cool down.

Friday 19th April:

PT First thing in the morning 7am. My first proper ‘de-load weights session’. I had planned bikram in the afternoon but didn’t make it in time. I went for a walk with Tasha and Baz though :)

Saturday 20th April:

Still not feeling 100%, I was struggling so hard to get out of bed. I missed the gym but the sun was shining so made the most of it and set up my own little circuit in the backyard. Post to follow on how easy it is to exercise and get that heart rate right up in your own home.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - Still not going to plan. No weights AGAIN, I am feeling like shit. I don’t feel myself at all. I did however make it to Bikram.

Monday – Evening weights (still de-load, so all in all I missed 1x de-load session) followed by some HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday – HIIT & Bikram

Wednesday – PT in the afternoon weight training program #1, 1st session of the 2nd part of my 12 week weights program. Increase in weights, higher sets but less reps. Can’t wait!! HIIT on rower after.

Thursday – Public Holiday here in Melbourne but I plan to make the most of it and getting it out of the way by hitting the gym in the morning. Either creating my own circuit or some HIIT. Then off to celebrate 4 years with Barry :)

Friday – Weight training, program #2, followed by HIIT.

Saturday – Day off!!!

Have a great week!