Sunday 12th May – Saturday 18th May


ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz…..That was me this week…

Tired and just all out of whack! My plane didn’t land until late Monday and it was delayed…By the time I got home, sorted myself out for the morning, it was well after 1am. Then an early start at work.

I think it all caught up with me by Wednesday resulting in me being off sick from work feeling dizzy, faint and nauseas. Blahhhhh!!!! I slept for 8 hours, woke up, made dinner and went back to bed. As shit as I felt not going into work, it was what my body needed. In saying that though, I don’t want anything to impact on my day to day life especially my work! I can’t stress the importance of listening to your body, it’s something I’m learning…


Maybe I didn’t see the signs sooner? The way my mind works though is am I being lazy, or am I in need of rest? It is finding that ‘sweet spot’ but it really is about listening to your body, and not that mind!

 Sunday 12th May:

Still up in North QLD and not 100% recovered with my wrist and arm injury. Went for a 10min outdoor run followed by some weights with minimal upper body work. Did skipping in between reps and also some core work at the end. Another sweat storm with that humidity!

Monday 13th May:

Woohoo, in Townsville and have access to a gym! Mum had some appointments she had to attend to so I killed time and scored a free trial session. Did cross-trainer cardio warm up for 5min, then into weights. Deadlifts, Squats, Leg press, Chin Ups, Seated Rows, Chest Flies, Lat Pull Downs, Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls – I am back!! Did a small amount of core work at the end and some incline walking/running on the treadmill after. Yeah!

Tuesday 14th May:

This is where the ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzz kicked in. As mentioned above my plane was delayed, plus by the time I got home, got myself ready for work….not much time left for sleep! Didn’t end up doing anything on my lunch break which was the only time I had. Booo.

Wednesday 15th May:

Another bad nights sleep – it sucks, when I’m tired, I don’t just fall asleep because I’m so tired…I get over tired! Was off work and slept all day.

Thursday 16th May:

As bad as I felt being sick off work yesterday, I needed it. I need to start listening to my body more and see the warning signs! Went back to the gym today after a couple of days rest and absolutely killed it. Another reason why I need to rest more, you smash your training sessions! Did my HIIT sprints, incline, running on treadmill with a 5min warm up/cool down. Then did some biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper body work, my arm is back to normal, woohoo! Finished off with another HIIT set of 30:30 on the rower for 12min.

Friday 17th May:

Yay, PT!! Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer then straight back into my set programs. We are extending this phase for another 2 weeks before the final 4 weeks (another de-load week after these 2 weeks, borrrrrring, but needed!) due to my injury and being away. Completed program #3 with reps of 6-8, 3x sets of each and an increase in weights. 10min of HIIT on the rower after.

Saturday 18th May:

A few bits and bobs of incidental exercises (even though I don’t count this as apart of my training) but got a few good walks in! Took it easy after a weight training dominant week.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - I had planned on doing weights and bikram, but I stayed at a friends house and we went for a nice big walk in the morning, had my farmers market shopping to do and cooking so only got to do bikram in the evening. Oh, and another walk with Baz and Tash.

Monday – I’m planning on skipping TRX this week and doing weights + HIIT instead.

Tuesday – Walking Tasha and Bikram.

Wednesday – PT, either program #1 or #2 + HIIT for 12min.

Thursday – HIIT only and most likely in the morning, arhhhhh. Walk Tash in the afternoon.

Friday – Weight training program #1 or #2, whichever I didn’t do on Wednesday.

Saturday – REST!!!

Have a great week :) Sleep, Rest, Eat, Relax…!