Sunday 10th March – Saturday 16th March


Loving the increase with my weight training lately! Cutting the classes and focusing more on weights which I much prefer anyway - Love it! I am however feeling the burn way more and can get quite sore after so I’m having 1 more rest day a week. Need to stop feeling guilty about it though! So anyway….The week that was….

Sunday 10th March:

Normal Sunday morning of farmers markets followed by the 1000 Steps. BUT skipped the weight training for a nice evening with Baz ‘date night’ :)

Monday 11th March:

It was a public holiday here in Melbourne so made the most of a sleep in and some weight training followed by HIIT.

Tuesday 12th March:

I Didn’t do last week’s class but got to do my fav ab/core & results (light weights & cardio) class this week :)

Wednesday 13th March:

PT session with weights.

Thuesday 14th March:

Rest day!!

Friday 15th March:

My favourite day to train at the gym; a Friday afternoon when it’s nice and quiet. Smased my weights circuit followed by some HIIT on the rower.

Saturday 16th March:

ANOTHER REST DAY… with some light walking….we had a lot to do, nearly 2 hours at the bank and then welcoming our new addition to the family TASHA, our adopted dog :) So took her for a nice little walk.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – No 1000 steps this week, we took Tasha to the farmers markets and then a nice long walk. She slept all afternoon. Did some afternoon weights and HIIT on the rower.

Monday – I missed my lunch time circuit class being busy at work and I have an appointment this afternoon so I really don’t want a rest day today but I’ll just make it work within my routine for the week :)

Tuesday – Either PT weights or I’ll do my fav ab/core & results (light weights & cardio)

Wednesday – Either PT weights or TRX class.

Thursday – Normally a rest day but I’ll do a lunch time circuit class.

Friday – Afternoon weights & HIIT.

Saturday – Rest after a big week :)

Plan ahead everyone!! It makes life sooo much easier!