Sunday 10th February – Saturday 16th February.


Wow. What a week it was! I really felt it this week. Exhausted, tired, sore, injured foot and maybe a little over-trained. I can get so into my fitness plan sometimes I forget to stop and just live and allow my body to rest each day. This week I’ve pushed myself and then by the end of the week completely burnt out. No more of that! Resting is just as important as exercising, I know that. Again, I can just get carried away. Addicted to it, who would have thought? So, I feel a bit out of whack as I didn’t do any of my normal routine activities this weekend just gone but hey, today is a new day, a new plan, I will focus on moving forward. Just need to flush last week out of my system!!!

Sunday 10th February:

As you know, Sunday’s have been my rest days late. So my normal morning farmers market and afternoon cook up was what kept me busy!

Monday 11th February:

Lunch time circuit class including tabata intervals. Afternoon Spin class with arm weight training as a warm up. I also smashed some assisted chin ups but went up to the next level which I was quite happy about :) Unassisted chin ups here I come…

Tuesday 12th February:

Afternoon HIIT warm up, Ab/core class followed by one of my fav classes ‘results’ (weights/cardio step class).

Wednesday 13th February:

This is where I think I pushed myself over my limits….Rode my bike to work, HIIT warm up, was feeling it in my knees so moved over to the cross trainer, Pump weights class where I increased my weights then I rode home. I remember the last hill just thinking ‘I am absolutely ruined’.

Thursday 14th February:

Morning PT class. Took it easy but managed to still burn just as many calories. Didn’t hit heavy weights which I was little ‘oh’ about at the time but so glad I did take it easy in the end. Still worked up a sweat! Did some strength training and stretches. Something I really have to work on is my stretching and foam rolling and increase it to 3-4 times a week. Trainer encouraged a rest day tomorrow….which didn’t stop there!

Friday 15th February:

Rest. Trainers orders. (Guilt building up though!)

Saturday 16th February:

Where I came undone…I slept until 9:30am. So unlike me!! I had ever intention on getting up and doing my circuit classes and yoga but just kept snoozing the morning away.

I went for a little ride to my friends house and went out for lunch which was lovely. But…continued on to have ANOTHER rest day on the Sunday (I walked, but not counted for me as a workout day).

Re-Group, focus, next week ahead:

Ok, I’ve learnt my lesson. Try take it a little easier so I can make it through the whole week and not crash half way through.

Sunday – well my plan was to make up for the resting days but I just walked.

Monday – (today) went for a lovely beach walk this morning with a friend. Didn’t really work up to a power walk so it was nice just to catch up. Lunch time circuit class. I usually do Spin here so I’d like to do it Thursday or Sunday instead.

Tuesday – No HIIT warm up. Just a normal light carido warm up on the cross trainer (need to watch out for my knee) and then ab/core class & results.

Wednesday – Morning Beach walk (I would ride to work but I’m not going to) and afternoon PT session (weights) with half hour light cardio and stretching warm up. (this means no more pump :( !!)

Thursday – Ride to work and lunch time circuit & ab class.

Friday – Ride to work (Weather dependent) and weights in the afternoon.

Saturday – Circuit class and yoga. If I don’t do circuit class maybe the 1000 steps or an outdoor run.

I’d also like to check out the yoga centre around the corner from me, who are also doing meditation classes in March – so keen!