Raw Peanut Butter Bubble Cookies


I cannot get enough of peanut butter, or it can’t get enough of me, one way or the other – I LOVE IT. These cookies are bake-free and of course sugar free. Great for a quick easy treat but try not eat them all at once.

Ingredients:Raw Peanut Butter Bubble Cookies

2 Cups of organic puffed quinoa

2 Tablespoons of coconut oil

1/2 Cup of 100% peanut butter

1 Teaspoon of vanilla

2 Teaspoons of natvia

1/2 cup of water


Mix all the wet ingredients together in a glass jug (so it’s easier to pour). Set aside. Add puffed quinoa to a bowl and then pour in the wet peanut butter mix. Combine.

Set aside in fridge for 15min, this will help mould the ‘cookies’.

Remove from fridge and roll into little balls then carefully flatten evenly in palm of your hand. Place on plate with baking paper.

This makes approx. 10-12 balls (depending on how much if the mixture you ‘test taste’) :D

Keep in fridge and let the cookies set.