Raw Cookie Dough Balls


Try not to eat all of these at once….They almost didn’t even form individual little balls, I just wanted to eat the mixture straight from the processor! But – I didn’t. Enjoy a few of these as a nice guilt free treat. Recipe is adaptable, instead of chocolate you could try cacao nibs, choc chips or omit completely. Cookie dough balls without chocolate though? No way :)

Ingredients:Raw Cookie Dough Balls

1 Cup of raw cashews

1 45g Bar of sugar free dark chocolate

1/2 Cup of rolled raw oats

Splash of vanilla extract

3 Tablespoons of sugar free maple syrup


Add all ingredients except chocolate and oats to a food processor and pulse. Mixture will start to form a large ball in the food processor, if ingredients are not combining evenly; add a tablespoon of water.

Once mixture is combined, add to a large bowl and stir through the oats. Chop the chocolate roughly and add to mixture.

With wet hands, roll into little balls and keep in freezer for half hour. Remove and keep in fridge!

Makes 10