Protein Fibre Smoothie


Most mornings, especially throughout summer, I make myself a smoothie for breakfast! Apart from the mess of cleaning the blender (which really isn’t that bad, I’m just usually in a rush in the morning because I snooze a bit too long, just ask Barry) it’s really easy and simple. Just add ingredients, blend!

Ingredients:Protein Fibre Smoothie

1x Frozen banana

5x Fresh strawberries (remove tops)

1-2 Cups of water

1.5 Scoops of vanilla pea protein powder

1 Serve (3x tablespoons) of hemp protein powder

1 Tablespoon of melrose omega fibre (this can be any type of fibre but try organic, omega based)

1 Serve of melrose flaxseed oil


Chop up frozen banana. Blend first with water. Add strawberries and then remaining ingredients. Blend and serve!

My additions:

I also choose to add my natural magnesium powder and pro-biotic powder in my smoothie. This is purely for my own health benefits. You can’t taste it so it’s a perfect time to remember to add to my daily routine by blending it in with my smoothie.