Preparation Essentials

Cook upsprep essent

Every Sunday, without fail, I do a cook up for all my snacks and lunches for the week. That way, there are NO excuses when it comes to making a choice between a healthy nutritional meal, or a quick and greasy take away excuse. Mix it up from week to week so you don’t get sick of eating the same thing. It saves so much time during the week so if you are training after work you don’t have to worry about preparing all of your meals for the next day. Or eating at 10pm! On week days I keep dinners quick and simple. If a dish is going to take a little more time, I’ll make enough for another night during the week as well.


Eating Out

One of the biggest things people see as an ‘inconvenience’ following a vegan diet or clean eating in general is what to eat when dining out. You don’t want to avoid social events because you aren’t sure if there will be vegan options on the menu so try contacting the restaurant before hand. Ask them if they can prepare something vegan friendly for you. I’ve found most places can cater for me when eating out and I may not ask them until I’m ordering off the menu on the night. If you have friends that are open to new experiences, why not take them to a vegetarian restaurant or a restaurant that do a vegan and non vegan menu.

Snacks on the Go


Now, I’ve really taken this to the next level! If I know I’m going to be out for most of the day, I will pack an esky or a lunch box. I really don’t see it to be extreme when you know you’re going to have a healthy vegan friendly meal that you’ve prepared with you when you’re hungry. Friends may laugh at me when I’ve arrived at their house with all my meals for the day but in the end I’m responsible for my own eating.  For snacks I usually carry nuts or fruit in my bag. Some of my recipes are also ‘Snacks On the Go’ friendly so they are easy to throw in your bag when you’re on the run!