Plan ahead!


One of the biggest tips I find myself giving to others is PLAN. PLAN & PREP! Not just with your food, but with your exercise!

Every Sunday when I get some ‘me time’ I look at my gym schedule for the week, go through my diary, incorporate any personal appointments I have for the week, think how busy I am at work (whether I’ll need to pop in early, stay back late) catching up with friends etc I keep all of this in mind for planning my week of exercise.

At the start of my fitness journey this was CRUCIAL as I wasn’t set in my ways…I didn’t have a routine going and hadn’t formed that habit so as with so many others, I would see something come up and use it as an ‘excuse’ to get out of my exercise plan.

It’s so important to not see exercise as an ‘extra’ activity in your life. It’s APART of your life. It shouldn’t be a chore or a punishment because you’ve eaten bad food. Try and use this mindset when you have those moments ‘Oh I cannot be bothered, oh But, But, BUT nothing! Think of how many hours there are in a day, how many of those are at work, sleeping, eating, on Facebook, you certainly have time for 30-60min of exercise a day. Your body needs it!

It may mean one week you might have to change that afternoon gym class to a morning class or vice versa, you might lock in a personal training session but rather then cancelling it all together, find another day that suites you both.

Something that works for me is writing those classes, gym times, walking times into my diary. I see that as ‘committing’ myself to those set times and I also try and see that as my own appointment. You are locking yourself into your own appointment for 30-60min or for however long each day. Don’t cancel that appointment!

Keeping all of this in mind – ¬†it’s still about balance. I know I’ve found myself putting ¬†exercise first but then my relationships, work commitment and social life fell behind. So maybe instead of not making a social event with a friend, ask them to join you for a walk? Go for a bike ride?

At the moment (especially after launching BFV) I have THREE diaries going. My personal diary, my food and exercise diary and also my BFV diary.

Plan ahead, prep your food, stay focused and commited. It won’t take long at all until you see your fitness plans as apart of your every day to day life :)