Mango Chia Smoothie


When I think of mangoes, I think of summer and the endless summers I had growing up in north Queensland with 4 mango trees in our backyard. My Dad’s and my favourite fruit (he is allergic though, that would SUCK). So spending $5 on a mango is sometimes a struggle but buying direct from farmers market I knew they’d be delicious, just like the ones off the tree in the back yard :) So here is a simple mango recipe I enjoyed this morning :)

Ingredients:Mango Chia Smoothie

1x Mango (of course!) skin removed

1x Large frozen banana

1x Pitted date (optional)

1x Scoop of vanilla protein powder (pea based)

1x Tablespoon of chia seeds

3x Cups of water – minimum


Magnesium, Fibre, flaxseed oil, shredded coconut.


Easiest part of it all. Throw all the ingredients in a blender and blend!! Depending on desired thickness depends on how much water you add.