It’s just a thought….


It’s just a thought…It’s just a thought.

 ‘A thought is not a fact – a thought is just a thought’.
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wow, this statement really hits home for me…no matter how many times I read it.

It’s crazy just how much our thoughts run our lives  or can run our lives (if we allow them to!!) No more!! It wasn’t until I read this statement where I was able to understand just how powerful our thoughts are and more importantly how insignificant they are; that they shouldn’t control actions. We need to disconnect action from thought.

One example of how my thoughts take over:  
Thinking, thinking, thinking, then worrying, stressing, being completely ahead of myself and worrying about something that hasn’t even happened and actually most likely won’t even happen? Story of my life! {was} the story of my life….

Until I discovered mindfulness and really understood the statement ‘a thought is just a thought’.

How often do you treat thoughts as if they are facts? Which then turn into beliefs? You’ve thought something several times therefor you start believing it? (Also going back to my positivity post ‘think it, say it, believe it’.)

When we start to pay attention to our thoughts and recognise them as only thoughts with a little curiosity, we then start think about thinking and nderstanding that it’s just a thought, not a belief, not fact.

One of my mindfulness methods I’ve used to appreciate thoughts as thoughts and not see them as fact is:

‘mindfulness of the breath.’

Such a simple exercise that can be practiced anywhere at any time!

Start by bringing your attention to your breath and allowing yourself to notice any thoughts that come into your head. Notice the thought, pay attention to it for a moment, acknowledge and accept the thought in a non-judgemental way.

For example, don’t beat yourself up for having the thought, there’s no wrong or right here!! Also, don’t read into the thought or why you are having it, just accept it as a thought – let me elaborate: Accept a thought as exactly what it is, just a thought. Not bad. Not good, not wrong. Not right, It simply is what it is. The thought that you happen to have at that particular moment.

IT’S OK to have these thoughts. Practice thinking about these thoughts, even if you think ‘I can’t do this’ well that’s a thought in itself. Allow yourself to think about that. Once you’ve recognised your thoughts, practice letting them go. Allow the thoughts to just float away. Some people imagine them as ‘leaves’ floating away gently in the wind, me, I envision clouds that shoot off from my head, whatever works for you. There’s no wrong or right, just see the thoughts floating away, getting smaller and smaller until they are non-existent. Literally!

Thoughts come, and they go. Once you’ve accept this, bring yourself back to awareness of your breath.

 Now here’s a thought – Practice makes perfect :)


It's just a thought