Chia Rose Pudding with Fresh Strawberries


Chia Seeds are a pantry must have! They are full of health benefits inluding high protein, fibre, lowers blood sugar levels, omega 3s and antioxidents. I’ve been meaning to create a raw chia seed pudding and also to try experiment with rose water, so for this recipe I have put the two together and created a lovely dish suitable for breakfast or a snack. Keep an eye out for more chia puddings!Chia Rose Pudding with Fresh Strawberries


2x Tablespoons of chia seeds ( I use black)

1x Cup of almond milk – unsweetened

1x Teaspoon of 100% rose water

1x Tablespoon of organic decident coconut – unsweetened

1x Teaspoon of natvia (optional)

1/4 Teaspoon of cinnamon

2x Strawberries sliced

3x Whole strawberries to serve with


Place all ingredients except strawberries in an old jar (jars work best for shaking ingredients together). You may need to mix quickly with a knife – not spoon. Shake jar so all ingredients mix together thoroughly. Add slices of strawberries and place in fridge overnight.

Serve with fresh strawberries, banana, berries, more cinnamon or coconut.