Cheezy Raw Cheeze


Cheeze? No, I don’t mean cheese… There is such a thing as healthy, vegan, clean, RAW cheese! I won’t lie, making the transition to vegan; cheese was one of the main  animal products I found difficult in ‘giving up’ but all the more reason to create my own cruelty free cheeze so I knew just exactly what was in it! :)


1 Cup of cashews (soaked for 1-2 hours)Cheeze

1 Tablespoon of nutritional yeast

Sprinkle of salt

Cracked pepper

Juice from half a lemon


Drain cashews and add to food processor. Process and gradually add water – depending on desired texture you may add or not use as much water. Add remaining ingredients ensuring  you scrape down the mixture on the sides.

Serve on anything you want! You can use this sauce as a side, in lasagne (raw or cooked) or even mixed through salad/veggies.