Finally, I have found a quality, cruelty free, recognised vegan friendly cosmetic range.

Pure, Safe & Beneficial. Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with Swiss heritage. The products are healthy, botanically based & inspired by nature. Arbonne products are not tested on animals & do not use animal by-products.


I was lucky enough to cross paths with Harmony a consultant for Arbonne who guided me through what cosmetics would be suitable for my type of skin and provided me with free samples before purchasing products.

I only had to use the samples once to know – YES, I WANT THESE.

The more I started using Arbonne cosmetics, the more I noticed the changes in my skin and how I felt wearing makeup throughout the day. Light and free! Not ‘weighing’ me down!

I’ve been a recent user of MAC until learning they now test on animals to target the chinese market, obviously something I found extremely disappointing and out right disgusting as they had been an advocate of cruelty free makeup for quite some time.

When using MAC, what I loved was the full coverage I got from the liquid and powder press foundation and how long it lasted for during the day. One thing I didn’t love so much was the fact it wasn’t mineral makeup and I often found my skin breaking out after a full day and nights wear.

So finding Harmony who introduced me to the Arbonne cosmetic range couldn’t have come at a better time.

Unlike some experiences I’ve had with consultants, I didn’t find Harmony pushy, over the top friendly (seems as though this isn’t always genuine and sometimes use this tactic to ‘suck you in’) or steering me into products I may not have necessarily been interested in. Not to mention the fact I never actually had to go into a shop, meet up with her or another consultant in my area – this was all done through her convenient facebook page:

I wouldn’t usually purchase cosmetics online without trying the products first, which is why Harmony providing me with more then enough samples to try made the process of matching my skin colour for foundation so much easier. Mind you – just from the information I provided, Harmony was able to identify my skin colour shade straight away! Something else that reassured me with purchasing cosmetics not only online but that I hadn’t tried before was the 45 day money back guarantee that Arbonne provide on all their products.

Previously to purchasing Arbonne cosmetics when I was getting these ‘breakouts’ from wearing makeup everyday – I had tried my best to go makeup free at least 2 -3 days of the week. Now that I have my cosmetic range, I really don’t have to worry about doing that!

These are the products I’ve purchased and been 200% happy with thus far:


Introducing Arbonne Comsetics, a collection of lightweight, beneficial formulas for gorgeous skin, eyes and lips. It all begins with beautiful science – Arbonne’s exclusive Optilight Technology. 

Stunning in its duality, Optilight Technology works in two ways: Light is diffused to create a soft-focus effect, blurring imperfections so skin looks flawless from virtually every angle. Simultaneously, finely sized pigments allow skin to breathe, imparting a ‘light as air’ feeling and promoting  healthy glow.

A perfect complement to your skin care regime, Arbonne Cosmetics is a comprehensive line of makeup that lets your innermost beauty come to light. 

Primer & FoundationConcealerSetting powderBronzer-1

FoundationMineral Powdertinted moisturiserRE9

  • Makeup Primer - Visually diminishes the appearance of fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.
  • Creme Concealer -Makes imperfections, fine lines, dark circled and puffiness with a velvety formula that dries to a powdery soft finish.
  • Translucent Loose Setting PowderPromotes natural radiance and created a soft-focuse effect, while helping makeup stay put.
  • BronzerSilky-light powder creates and enhances the look of glowing
    ‘sun-kissed’ cheeks and brow bones. Brushes on evenly for a flawless-looking finish.
  • Perfection Liquid Foundation SPF 15Multitasking liquid foundation with skin-firming properties helps lift the appearance of facial contours, smooth and even skin tone, while providing sun protection.
  • Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15Lightweight, yet build-able mineral foundation creates a soft focused effect, giving skin a radiant, flawless appearance.

Products I’ve tried, but yet to purchase (which I will be!)

  • Sheer Finish Tinted MoisturiserTinted moisturiser delivers sun
    protection and natural-looking coverage while restoring and maintaining optimal moisture balance.

If Arbonne’s cosmetic range sounds like a product you want to try, be sure to also check out their skincare range! 


The RE9 Advanced Range has been clinically proven to be number one by an independent laboratory. You can read the results to this on the Arbonne website

Arbonne does not only have a large range of skincare & cosmetics suitable for male and female, but also wellbeing products which are all gluten free. 

If you’re interested in a few items it may be worth becoming a preferred client for $27 which will give you 20% off for 12 months. Also if you spend &195 RRP (before your 20% discount) in your first month you get a free gift – I got the primer, woohoo!

So really, you have soooo much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Head on over to Harmony’s facebook page:

Click here to view the catalogue:


 Thank you Harmony and Arbonne!