I’ve said it before in previous posts ‘the body hears what the mind thinks’ – and says! Every little thought, ever bit of emotion, your body hears it and feels it. Why wouldn’t it? The mind is connected to your body!

Something I’m really trying to focus on right now is positive affirmations. Telling myself ‘I can, I will’ and envisioning my goals as if I’ve achieved them already. Believing in myself!!

I have really struggled throughout my life with positive ‘self talk’ and just like anyone else, have found myself looking at myself in the mirror, thinking to myself or telling myself negative thoughts. That’s where exercise and pushing my physical limits really helped me turn that around as all of a sudden here I am with 5min left to go dyyyying in my spin class or work out telling myself things like ‘only 5 more minutes, come on, you can do it’.

‘Whether you think you can or you can’t; you are right’.

Meaning – it comes back to; your body absolutely hearing all those thoughts!! Those negative, toxic thoughts that of course is going to make you physically feel like shit. Think, would you say those things to someone else? Or if someone else said those things to you, wouldn’t that upset you? So why do it to yourself or the world around you?

Have a read of this:

Masaru Emoto writes in The Miracle of Water that positive energy changes the molecular structure of water, making it cleaner and more pure, and even giving it healing properties. This doesn’t refer to some kind of electric device sending vibrations into water, but loving thoughts directed at the water.

  He conducted experiments in which water molecules were studied under a microscope. The water came from various places, including tap water. The water didn’t have crystals in it when frozen. Then, the water was exposed to positive intention. This intention was sent to the water in various ways. One group mentally thanked the water, sending loving thoughts to the water. Other samples of the water were placed into containers and affixed with positive words written on paper: love, peace, gratitude, hope, let’s do it, together, etc. Still other samples were exposed to various Classical music recordings. All of the samples of water were frozen and checked under a microscope. All of the samples had grown beautiful formations of crystals, directly as a result of the positive energy it had received.

  How do we know the change in water was due to the thoughts, words and music? Different samples of water were exposed to negative energy. One sample was exposed to people directing mean, angry thoughts at it. Another set of samples had negative words written on paper and taped to the containers, words like: you fool, hate, war, do it, and sorrow. A third group of water samples were exposed to heavy metal music. All of these samples, when frozen and examined under a microscope, had developed either broken and randomly scattered crystals, or none at all.

  Masaru Emoto found that when people drank water that had been treated with positive energy, the water helped the people to become healthier.

  I think there are stronger implications to Emoto’s experiments. Our bodies are 90% water. Positive energy can be channeled from person to person by intent, as through Reiki and other energy healing modalities. Doing so has proven to have increased health, balance, and well-being effects on recipients. Perhaps positive energy, directed by intent, affects the water in people as it does the water in Emoto’s experiments.

  Water is all around us. It is in our bodies, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the atmosphere. If we channel our thoughts and intents to direct positive energy to our water, each other, and the earth itself, think of all that we can do.

Wow! Imagine if we turned those thoughts into positive ones and how many beautiful wonderful changes that it would make to our mind, body and soul.

So – where do I start, you ask? I know it’s quite hard to think ‘Oh you look beautiful today’ (without being cocky over overconfident) so why not try some positive affirmations? Stick one up next to your bathroom mirror, your desk at work, screen saver on your phone? Or even write some down every day.

Once you start thinking it often enough, saying it to yourself, you’ll start to believe in it, and believe in yourself! Because if you don’t, then who will?



Think about it…

What’s really causing you stress?

Your problems?

Or your reactions to them?



Caring for other living creatures

helps you care for yourself. 

Accept all of your emotions,

even the negative ones,

feel, accept, let go.


Decision to happiness

Decide to be happy… 

and you will be. 

Treating people with understanding,

respect, and honesty

is the foundation of success. 


Think happy!

Happiness has nothing to do with 

what we have and everything to

do with how we think. 


Believe, have faith.

Empty your mind of disbelief to

allow room for true faith. 

Happiness doesn’t just happen.

It needs to be sustained by a careful diet of good thoughts, 

great company and giving. 

Happiness is about exercising your biggest muscle daily -




Change Your Attitude!

Happy thoughts are not as hard as you might think..

All it takes is a matter of changing your attitude and mindset…

and this is easier than you think.