Breaking Plateaus


I asked a few weeks ago what you would like to see from BFV and someone mentioned how to break plateau’s.  

Going through a weight loss plateau happens to just about EVERYONE, it’s not a case of IF but more a case of WHEN…

Don’t stress (Like I do), It’s perfectly normal. So, what to do? Firstly, a few questions I ask myself:

Am I eating too much? Do I need to readjust my calories? The more fat you lose, the less energy (calories) your body may require. Ensure to continually assess your daily calorie requirements. This comes down to muscle mass as well.

Am I not eating enough? Depending on where you are at in your fitness or weight loss journey depends on how many calories you should be consuming…Re-evaluate your goals, is your goal primarily fat loss, is it muscle building?

Am I not exercising enough? Maybe you need to incorporate an extra weight session or add some cardio to your routine. Small adjustments can still make big changes!

Am I exercising too much? Yes, there is such a thing. Your body needs to REST. Remember, Muscles are teared in the gym fed in the kitchen and built in bed.

Am I being realistic in my goals? Of course aim high, but don’t set yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals.

When was the last time I changed my exercise routine? Don’t get me wrong, consistency is the key! And whilst I’ve been caught out chopping and changing too much, you can also get stuck in your ways and not progress with your fitness. It’s great to constantly be challenging your body, whether that’s increasing your weights, changing your sets/reps, switching the 5km run and doing some sprints or vise versa, or if it’s working on a different training program all together, give it atleast 8 weeks (In my opinion).  Your body can get use to whatever training regime you do and if you’ve been doing the same one for 8 weeks plus then it’s either time to increase weights (aim to do this every 3 weeks) or it’s time to switch up your routine. Try something different!weight-loss-plateau

For me personally, I’ve had other health issues come into play that has affected my progress but it won’t stop me….Tackle those issues and work with them.

Last bit from me before I share a great article is DON’T GIVE UP. DON’T STOP. The best advise I’ve got for you….

Whatever you do, DON’T STOP :) Stay POSITIVE and be PATIENT.

Here is a great article to read through and understand better on how to break those plateaus.



Another great week with training and nutrition….well….a few slip ups with peanut butter, but I made sure it fit into my macronutrients, yummmmm. I do love peanut butter!

Anyway – feeling right back on track with my training and hitting some PBs (personal bests, not peanut butter! hehe) in the gym. I need to remind myself that this is where my goals are, waiting to be achieved. In my strength training, in the gym – more so than ‘my appearance’.

I found myself quite overwhelmed in bikram this week as well. I had to lay in Savasana towards the end reminding myself to simply breath in through the nose, and out…I really really had to focus on this and only this! I almost felt like I was going to cry! Spoke with the instructor after and she mentioned the energy had been really off lately. Also the girls coming out of the class were discussing the same emotions I was having. Wow, how powerful it can be! Breath in, Breath out. One of the strongest tools I use to overcome so much in my life.


Sunday 26th May:

Loved being outdoors today, tagged along with Tasha and Baz and went for a 5km run.

Monday 27th May:

Nooooo. Second last day before de-load week with my training. Warmed up with 5min on the cross trainer then completed program #1 with increase in weights. I can finally increase weights properly with my bicep/tricep sets now that my hand is 100%. Finished off with 12min of 30:30 on the rower for 12min.

Tuesday 28th May:

Rest day!

Wednesday 29th May:

PT and completed training program #2. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and a run, then finished off with 12min of HIIT 30:30 on the rower.

Thursday 30th May:

Cardio only today. Did 10min warm up then my usual HIIT routine on the treadmill including incline running @ 9km p/h incline @ 3%,  5%, 7%, 9%. Then running @ 10, 11, 12 13km p/h and also sprints @ 16km p/h 20:10 for 8 reps. Walking for 1min in between each set of intervals. Also did my usual 12min of HIIT 30:30 on the rower and some core work.

Friday 31st May:

First day of de-load and I actually surprised myself how far I have come. My De-load weight was once upon a time (not too long ago actually) my training weight. I increased my reps to 10 and really focused on my form, worked up a sweat! Finished it off with of course….12min of HIIT on the rower 30:30.

Saturday 1st June:

Completed weight circuit just like last week targeting isolated muscle groups – triceps, biceps, shoulders, calves, lower back and core. Also did a 10min warm up on the cross trainer and 20min after on the treadmill with lots of incline intervals.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday – Bikram – the practice I really struggled with….I am so sore today as well!

Monday – Was planning on a de-load weights day but think I might rest and swap it with tomorrow.  Ended up taking Tasha for a walk :)

Tuesday - Originally planned on being a rest day but will now do a de-load weights session & HIIT.

 Wednesday – De-load weights session, cardio warm up and HIIT on rower for 12-15min, back to back!

Thursday – HIIT/core.

Friday – De-load weights session, cardio warm up and HIIT on rower for 12min.

Saturday – Weight circuit & Cardio.

Have a good week, breathe in, breathe out!




Feeling a lot better this week and back on track with my training. Lots of early nights to try and rest – catch up on my sleep. Rest and Recovery are just as important as training…Remember!

Focusgoals moving forward

Eyes on the prize :)


Sunday 19th May:

No weight training as planned but that’s okay, went on a nice long walk in the morning with a friend, and then another in the afternoon with Baz and Tash. Topped it all off with an evening at Bikram. Ahhhh :)

Monday 20th May:

Made up from yesterday and completed training program #1 with increase in weights. Warmed up with 5min on the cross trainer and finished it off with 12min of 30:30 HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday 21st May:

Arhhhh!! Wanted to do Bikram tonight, got to the studio and the class was full, even being 15min early! I was so frustrated!! Ended up getting called into work so ‘it wasn’t meant to be’. Luckily I still got in a good walk that afternoon with Tasha :)

Wednesday 22nd May:

PT time….Warmed up for 10min on the cross trainer then did weight session #2, the last session of my first full increase in weights since being ‘back’! Feeling good! Didn’t get to do some of the push ups at the end as I am still struggling with putting weight on my hand. Also missed out on some lat pull downs as we were focusing on stretching my back in between squat sets instead. Finished it off with some sprints on the treadmill, until the rower became available then my favourite HIIT 30:30 for 12min.

Thursday 23rd May:

Woohoo! Bikram :) Made sure I got there extra early. Oh, I love it!!

Friday 24th May:

Weight training program #3, another increase in weights. Final week before de-load. Started off with 10min cross-trainer warm up, finished it off with, you guessed it, 12min on the rower 30:30 HIIT.

Saturday 25th May:

Morning circuit at the gym as I had a weigh in/measurements/callipers appointment with my trainer. Warmed up with 10min of incline walking on the treadmill then did some weight training on specific muscle groups: shoulders/triceps/back/calves then some kettle bell swings and core work. Had planned on doing bikram that afternoon which is why I didn’t finish my training off with any HIIT, but was advised not to due to some health stuff going on!! Don’t worry, it’s all good!

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - Went for an outdoor 5km run.

Monday – Weight training program #1, cardio warm up and HIIT after.

Tuesday – Either rest day or do another outdoor run.

Wednesday – Weight training program #2, cardio warm up and HIIT after.

Thursday – Possibly Bikram or some HIIT @ the gym, or rest day, orrr another outdoor run. Haven’t decided yet :)

Friday – First day of de-load week. Practicing my same training programs but taking 20% of weight off to focus on form. HIIT after.

Saturday – Another weight/circuit style training at the gym, maybe Bikram in the afternoon :)

Focus!!! Have a good week!


ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz…..That was me this week…

Tired and just all out of whack! My plane didn’t land until late Monday and it was delayed…By the time I got home, sorted myself out for the morning, it was well after 1am. Then an early start at work.

I think it all caught up with me by Wednesday resulting in me being off sick from work feeling dizzy, faint and nauseas. Blahhhhh!!!! I slept for 8 hours, woke up, made dinner and went back to bed. As shit as I felt not going into work, it was what my body needed. In saying that though, I don’t want anything to impact on my day to day life especially my work! I can’t stress the importance of listening to your body, it’s something I’m learning…


Maybe I didn’t see the signs sooner? The way my mind works though is am I being lazy, or am I in need of rest? It is finding that ‘sweet spot’ but it really is about listening to your body, and not that mind!

 Sunday 12th May:

Still up in North QLD and not 100% recovered with my wrist and arm injury. Went for a 10min outdoor run followed by some weights with minimal upper body work. Did skipping in between reps and also some core work at the end. Another sweat storm with that humidity!

Monday 13th May:

Woohoo, in Townsville and have access to a gym! Mum had some appointments she had to attend to so I killed time and scored a free trial session. Did cross-trainer cardio warm up for 5min, then into weights. Deadlifts, Squats, Leg press, Chin Ups, Seated Rows, Chest Flies, Lat Pull Downs, Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls – I am back!! Did a small amount of core work at the end and some incline walking/running on the treadmill after. Yeah!

Tuesday 14th May:

This is where the ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzz kicked in. As mentioned above my plane was delayed, plus by the time I got home, got myself ready for work….not much time left for sleep! Didn’t end up doing anything on my lunch break which was the only time I had. Booo.

Wednesday 15th May:

Another bad nights sleep – it sucks, when I’m tired, I don’t just fall asleep because I’m so tired…I get over tired! Was off work and slept all day.

Thursday 16th May:

As bad as I felt being sick off work yesterday, I needed it. I need to start listening to my body more and see the warning signs! Went back to the gym today after a couple of days rest and absolutely killed it. Another reason why I need to rest more, you smash your training sessions! Did my HIIT sprints, incline, running on treadmill with a 5min warm up/cool down. Then did some biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper body work, my arm is back to normal, woohoo! Finished off with another HIIT set of 30:30 on the rower for 12min.

Friday 17th May:

Yay, PT!! Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer then straight back into my set programs. We are extending this phase for another 2 weeks before the final 4 weeks (another de-load week after these 2 weeks, borrrrrring, but needed!) due to my injury and being away. Completed program #3 with reps of 6-8, 3x sets of each and an increase in weights. 10min of HIIT on the rower after.

Saturday 18th May:

A few bits and bobs of incidental exercises (even though I don’t count this as apart of my training) but got a few good walks in! Took it easy after a weight training dominant week.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - I had planned on doing weights and bikram, but I stayed at a friends house and we went for a nice big walk in the morning, had my farmers market shopping to do and cooking so only got to do bikram in the evening. Oh, and another walk with Baz and Tash.

Monday – I’m planning on skipping TRX this week and doing weights + HIIT instead.

Tuesday – Walking Tasha and Bikram.

Wednesday – PT, either program #1 or #2 + HIIT for 12min.

Thursday – HIIT only and most likely in the morning, arhhhhh. Walk Tash in the afternoon.

Friday – Weight training program #1 or #2, whichever I didn’t do on Wednesday.

Saturday – REST!!!

Have a great week :) Sleep, Rest, Eat, Relax…!



Wow, my days are well and truly mixed up! I’m home now after 5 days visiting my Mum in Nth Qld for Mothers Day which was lovely :)

In life we are always going to face circumstances where we are thrown out of our routine…For me that meant no sunday weekly cook up, no gym, no Baz, no Milly & Tash and none of my normal health food grocery shops for all my goodies. So – what did I do? Made the best out of what I had.

One of my favourite all time quotes:

‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are’.

It relates to life on all different levels!

You should have seen my suitcase! Protein powder, coconut oil, cacao, natvia, peanut flour, baked snacks etc etc etc No this wasn’t a pain or an inconvenience…it actually saved any inconveniences for me on my trip. There was no gym and my arm is still injured PLUS the MOST IMPORTANT thing was to enjoy the time with my Mum…so….this is what I got up to:

Sunday 5th May:

Afternoon weights session at the gym with cardio warm up. Not following my program #1, 2 & 3 with injury so very minimal upper body exercises. Couldn’t quite get through my usual 10-15min of HIIT after weights but glad I made it to the gym at all with my injury.

Monday 6th May:

20min of cross trainer and incline walking on treadmill, was working up a sweat! A part of me wishes I just stuck to this rather than doing the TRX class as there was a lot I couldn’t do because of my arm. I chatted to the instructor beforehand and just did what I could. 10min of incline walking on treadmill after class.

Tuesday 7th May:

20min of cross trainer and incline walking on treadmill as a warm up followed by my weekly PT weight session. Another combination of all three programs plus adding core work and focusing on my form. Finished it off with 16x 20:10 interval sprints – my first bit of running since my injury, loved it!!

Wednesday 8th May:

Rest Day, and fly to Townsville.

Thursday 9th May:

Spent the day driving up to Mums place from Townsville, grocery shopping and relaxing with Mum :)

Friday 10th May:

10min outdoor run to my Mums friends house who has some weights in the garage. Did a circuit with lots of leg work and skipping and working up a sweat with the humidity up there!

Saturday 11th May:

Another day of nothing!

Plan for the week ahead….

Sunday – Did another 10min outdoor run, skipping and weights circuit. Was able to incorporate some upper body work but still taking it easy with my hand.

Monday – Went to a 24/7 gym in Townsville before my flight, more weights and incline sprints – stay tuned for next week’s post :)

Tuesday – Squeezing some HIIT in on my lunch break if I get time

Wednesday – PT weight session, hopefully arm back up and running!

Thursday – Bikram Yoga.

Friday – Weights

Saturday – Rest, walk with Baz and Tasha or another Bikram.

Have a great week :)

Well…you won’t believe it. I had another fall, resulting in injury! Two falls in the past week from running, outside, is this a sign? Noooo…. I might stick to HIIT in the gym for now as I don’t want any more set backs with my weight training. I’ve had my hand in a sling, support band around my wrist on and have been on pain killers, which I’m not to happy about. But all in all, there was no broken bones and I’m healing fast. I took the chance to rest and recover, but didn’t let this obstacle stand in my way….I couldn’t use my hand, but hey, I have a whole lower body to work with still. Legs it is!



Sunday 28th April:

Started the day off with weights in the gym, I lie – I had a coffee and a banana. Perfect snack pre workout. Then home for a big breakfast :) I did 5min cardio warm up, followed by weights program #2 with increase in weights. Finished it all off with 12min of HIIT on the rower. Took Barry with me today which was great! Also did indoor rock climbing in the afternoon.

Monday 29th April:

After a full on week, I decided it was rest day. I thought I was going to do my TRX class on Wednesday… that was until my fall….

Tuesday 30th April:

Morning run, about 15min into it I tripped and fell over – again! My good leggings for running outdoors in the cold completely ripped apart, as was my jumper and there was blood everywhere. Wah…. I fell exactly the same way as I did the week before :( I had my right arm checked out with the dr and x-rays, no broken bones but couldn’t move my arm at all :( I rested at home for the afternoon with a dose of pain killers.

Wednesday 1st May:

Another day off unfortunately resting my arm.

Thursday 2nd May:

Afternoon PT session! Was soooo looking forward to this after a couple of days off! Also, with the supervision of my PT, I was able to complete some of my weight program #3 with some exercises being removed focusing mainly on my lower body. Except I kept my deadlifts, woohoo, by far my favourite exercise!! Added calf and lower back work towards the end to make up for the upper body exercises being removed. So no set backs, just a little re-shuffling. My next few programs for a couple of weeks maybe less *hopefully* will be a bit different but still focusing on the overall 12 week program with increase in weights. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and no HIIT on the rower for me after due to my sore arm. Did 10min of 20sec on 10sec off on the cross trainer instead - I was wrecked! *NO SETBACKS*

Friday 3rd May:

Woohoo, backing it up with another weights session. My arm had a bit more mobility today so I was able to introduce lat pull downs and seated rows. Still my main focus was legs! Warmed up with 10min of cardio and only did 4min of HIIT on the bike after 20sec on 10sec off.

Saturday 4th May:

Morning walk with a friend and Tasha, afternoon Bikram session.

**So, I didn’t get to do what I originally planned after my injury but I tried to make the most of it and did what I could. I still did my best. Always remember, if you fall down (literally) get back up, shake it off, and keep going. If some things holding you back, don’t let it, just try a different way!! You’ll get there. **

Week ahead:

Sunday – Afternoon weights session with 5min cardio warm up, increase in weights however I did a bit of all 3 programs mixed into 1. Only managed 3min of HIIT on the rower before realising I was pushing myself with my arm still not being 100% better; on the treadmill with incline intervals for 10min. Worked it!

Monday – TRX – See how I go, if not, 15min of HIIT.

Tuesday – PT session.

Wednesday – Day off and flying to my Mums in north Qld, this will be a test! I intend on still completing my weight training plus some hiking, swimming and riding. Will be as active as possible whilst still enjoying time with my Mum.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – As above, will keep you posted with next weeks regime as to what I got up to :)



Really happy with what I achieved training wise this week! Increase in weights with my strength training program, bikram yoga 3 times, outdoor walks and listening to my body and how I was feeling! Food wise, I wasn’t spot on…I still ate healthy, wholesome foods but dining out. The thing I struggle the most with food is being social. It’s important to find that healthy balance with food and being social/catching up with friends. Don’t allow friendships to be neglected because you are afraid of what you might eat out…In saying that, don’t go nuts and order crap off the menu! This is something I work on myself, finding that balance. Again, it’s all about balance! I had a friend visit for the weekend and it was Barry and myself’s anniversary so enjoyed all the fine food Melbourne has to offer!

Sunday 21st April:

Still wasn’t feeling quite myself and didn’t make it to weight training :( Luckily it was de-load week. I did however attend bikram yoga- it was just what I needed.

Monday 22nd April:

Right, back into the swing of things! Weight training- because it was de-load week and I had missed a couple of sessions I kinda incorporated two of the 3 programs in together but still decreased my weights by 20%. Warmed up with 10min on the cross trainer and finished off with 15min of HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday 23rd April:

Walk with Baz and Tash then Bikram.

Wednesday 24th April:

The moment I’ve been waiting for – Increase in weights with my training program, decrease in reps and sets (6-8 reps, sets of 3) for the next 3 weeks. Increasing weights back up + 20%. Got to the gym early so did 15min in total of warm up on the cross trainer, after the session 12min of HIIT on the rower. Completed weight training program #3.

Thursday 25th April:

Enjoyed a lovely morning breakfast with Baz for our anniversary :) Followed by a few hours sleep, must have needed it! That evening took Tasha and Baz to the park where I did some HIIT running outside and actually had a really bad fall. I went flying! Ripped my jumper and tights and really hurt my right arm and leg. No more running for me :(

Friday 26th April:

Weight training program #1 with 5min cardio warm up and 15min of HIIT on the rower after. Smashed it!! Felt so good!

Saturday 27th April: 

Bikram! I will do my final weight set tomorrow :)

The week ahead:

Sunday - Weight training program #2 with 12min of HIIT on rower after, warm up for 5min with cardio. Also did some indoor rock climbing.

Monday – A much needed day off. I am exhausted :)

Tuesday – Morning run with a friend, evening weights program #3, increase in weights.

Wednesday – TRX class followed by 12min of HIIT on rower. Cardio warm up for 10min.

Thursday – PT, Weights program either #1 or #2 (increase in weights) with 15min of HIIT on rower after. 5min of cardio warm up.

Friday – HIIT circuit with warm up, tabata on spin bikes, sprints and rower.

Saturday – cardio warm up for 10min, weight training program (whichever one I didn’t do on Thursday + increase in weights) followed by 10min of HIIT on rower after.  Bikram in the afternoon.

Have a great week!


Not the best week at all…..Was in bed all day Monday and Tuesday, off work with migraines and upset stomach. I managed a few nice easy walks with Tasha & Barry but didn’t do much in the way of my weight training. Luckily it was de-load week!

Sunday 14th April:

Light walk only with Tasha.

Monday 15th April:

Off sick, went for an easy walk with Tasha.

Tuesday 16th April:

Still off work and not feeling much better. Managed another walk with Tasha.

Wednesday 17th April:

Right, time to get back into it but not push myself too hard… As I was still not feeling 100%… Made it to TRX class with some HIIT for 15min after and a 5min cardio warm up. Also got in some tricep and shoulder work in with the weights. Yeah!! Starting to feel human again…

Thursday 18th April:

My own HIIT circuit including 10min on the cross-trainer warm up, 15min on treadmill (posted a couple of weeks ago the HIIT running program I created) 4min tabata 20:10 on the spin bike, followed by 10min on the cross-trainer cool down.

Friday 19th April:

PT First thing in the morning 7am. My first proper ‘de-load weights session’. I had planned bikram in the afternoon but didn’t make it in time. I went for a walk with Tasha and Baz though :)

Saturday 20th April:

Still not feeling 100%, I was struggling so hard to get out of bed. I missed the gym but the sun was shining so made the most of it and set up my own little circuit in the backyard. Post to follow on how easy it is to exercise and get that heart rate right up in your own home.

Plan for the week ahead:

Sunday - Still not going to plan. No weights AGAIN, I am feeling like shit. I don’t feel myself at all. I did however make it to Bikram.

Monday – Evening weights (still de-load, so all in all I missed 1x de-load session) followed by some HIIT on the rower.

Tuesday – HIIT & Bikram

Wednesday – PT in the afternoon weight training program #1, 1st session of the 2nd part of my 12 week weights program. Increase in weights, higher sets but less reps. Can’t wait!! HIIT on rower after.

Thursday – Public Holiday here in Melbourne but I plan to make the most of it and getting it out of the way by hitting the gym in the morning. Either creating my own circuit or some HIIT. Then off to celebrate 4 years with Barry :)

Friday – Weight training, program #2, followed by HIIT.

Saturday – Day off!!!

Have a great week!


Third week in my weights program this week meaning = 5 sets in each of my training days… then de-load next week! Shuffled a few things around with what I had planned but still got everything in. Here’s what I got up to:

Sunday 7th April:

Weight training program #1 increased sets to 5x, included 5min of cardio on cross-trainer warm up. No HIIT after as I did bikram yoga in the afternoon. Needed to save some energy! I enjoyed bikram but found myself struggle a little more so than the first time round, it really is just as much your mind as it is physical. I’m going to stick at it though as I am loving the benefits of it! My skin being clearer for starters and the feeling you have leaving bikram – amazing.

Monday 8th April:

Had my rest day, I definitely needed it. Remember, rest is just as important as training!

Tuesday 9th April:

Weight training program #2 increased sets to 5x, included 5min of cardio on the cross trainer and 12min of HIIT on the rower after.

Wednesday 10th April:

10min of cardio warm up on the cross trainer, then some tabata sprints on the spin bikes before completing TRX class. My arms were sore the next day!

Thursday 11th April:

HIIT only today. Changed it up a little bit as appose to last week’s HIIT session. Spent 15min on rower 30:30 and incline running on treadmill plus sprints.

Friday 12th April:

A nice walk with Baz and Tasha.

Saturday 13th April:

Had a lot squished in to today, went to Edgars Mission 10 year anniversary (watch this space regarding the Kindness Challenge!) so couldn’t commit to bikram but I still had program #3 with 5x sets to complete, that I did. 5min cardio warm up followed by 15min of HIIT after on the rower.

Plan for the week ahead - DE LOAD WEEK

Sunday – Walked Tasha, had another busy day so only managed the walk in unfortunately.

Monday – Well, my plan was TRX class followed by some HIIT however I didn’t make it to work today due to a massive migraine. Slept all day after not sleeping all night. :(

Tuesday – Bikram!

Wednesday – PT weights but de-loading. Either focusing on muscle groups that don’t get as much specific attention, or doing the same routine but 60% off weights, focusing on form.

Thursday – Either circuit class or another HIIT session.

Friday – Weights & HIIT.

Saturday – Bikram or 5km run, or some light weights & HIIT at gym.

Have a good week everyone!!


Sorry for the delay; so busy lately. Got so much planned for BFV, my training and nutrition, not to mention my personal life! I’m usually very organised, need to be even MORE organised now :) The week that was… (another great one!)

Sunday 31st March:

As mentioned in previous post, smashed the 1000 steps x2 and in the rain, only managed to stack it once!! In the evening I completed my weight training program #1 with sets increased to 4. Post still to follow explaining my new approach with weight training and my personalised 12 week program I’m on with my PT.

Monday 1st April:

Walk in the park with Baz and Tash.

Tuesday 2nd April:

Rest Day – absolutely nothing!! Don’t feel guilty, Don’t feel guilty….

Wednesday 3rd April:

PT session with weights program #2 sets increased to 4. 5min cardio warm up and 10min HIIT on the rower after.

Thursday 4th April:

Didn’t make it to lunch time circuit class or bikram…was so close to not doing anything which I would have only regretted and beaten myself up over. I had to work late today so quickly ducked off in the afternoon to the gym for HIIT cardio. It looked a little something like this:

*5min cross trainer warm up
*15min HIIT on treadmill (4min incline increased running @ 9km p/h inclined from 3 – 9 every minute, 4min 15km p/h sprints (20:10) and 4min 1km p/h increased running from 12km p/h – 15km p/h every min. 1min of walking in between each set of intervals) RUINED ME!!!
10min of HIIT on rower (30:30)

I highly recommend incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) into your training program; no matter what your goals are. Most people dread cardio, I don’t mind it, but it’s easier to ‘skip’ then weights, I actually enjoy my weight training. So HIIT is even better, get more out of it for less. Smash it for 15min – 30min rather then run for an hour.

Friday 5th April:

Weight training program #3 with sets increased to 4. 5min cardio warm up & 12min of HIIT on rower after.

Saturday 6th April:

No bikram again (I ended up doing it on Sunday) but did another cardio HIIT program I made up incorporating tabata (20:10 on bike), 12min HIIT on rower (30:30) and a circuit incorporating the fit ball, TRX, kettle bells, leg raises and push ups. Another program smashed!

Plan for week ahead:

Sunday – I ended up doing weight training in the morning with 5min cardio warm up, program #1 increasing sets to 5 and then bikram in the evening. Did not do any HIIT.

Monday – Rest day, I needed it!!

Tuesday – Just got home from weight training program #2, 5min cardio warm up, increasing sets to 5 and 12min of HIIT on rower after.

Wednesday – 5min cardio warm up, TRX class and 10min of HIIT on rower after (my aim anyway!)

Thursday – Hopefully a morning run around albert park lake approx 5km.

Friday – Weight training program #3 increasing sets to 5 and 12min of HIIT on rower. Of course warming up for 5min!

Saturday – Bikram!

Have a great week everyone!!!  :)