BBQ Kebabs


Enjoying some beautiful weather lately and finally after moving into a house can use our BBQ which was a perfect way to end a productive weekend. Such a simple recipe as really, cooking with the BBQ shouldn’t be complicated! Feel free to play around with different veggies or herbs/spices. I used carrot but think next time I’ll replace this with eggplplant.

Ingredients:BBQ Kebabs

1 Green capsicum

1 Red capsicum

200g Tofu (1 packet)

2 Small carrots

1 Zucchini

10 Skewers

2 Tablespoons of coconut oil

1 Tablespoon of tamari sauce

Sprinkle of tumeric (my favourite spice, have it with everything!)

Sprinkle of onion flakes.


Chop all veggies and tofu up in no particular order. Create ‘cube’ type pieces of each vegetable and tofu piece. Start putting skewer through each piece creating a repeated pattern.

Mix tamari, tumeric and onion flakes in a bowl/jug. Pour over finished kebabs and let it ‘marinate’ for at least an hour. If you don’t marinate them it won’t matter too much just drizzle before and during cooking them.

Cook them on the BBQ. Now depending what type of BBQ you have this can be done quite quickly. It all depends. I like mine really crispy and almost burnt as they were full of flavour! Barry had his with sweet n sour sauce however I think my marinated sauce was better :D