Banana Protein Chia Muffins


Muffins, perfect for any type of snack or even have a couple for a quick breakfast on the run. I’m using protein powder again in this recipe however feel free to leave out and substitute with oatmeal (blended oats) or nothing at all. I like to add protein to my snack recipes to ensure I’m getting a healthy balance of protein, carbs & good fats. Enjoy!

Banana Protein Chia Muffins


2 Bananas – mashed

2 Cups of raw oats (approx. 195g)

4 Scoops of vanilla pea protein powder (I use plant fusion)

4 Tablespoons of coconut oil

4 chia ‘eggs’ (1 tablespoon of chia + 3 tablespoons of water = 1 egg soaked for 15min)

2 Teaspoons of baking powder

2.5 Teaspoons of cinnamon

1 Tablespoon of natvia

1 Cup of water


Preheat oven to 200deg. Spray muffin trays with coconut oil. I use silicon muffin moulds for mine. Set tray aside.

Mash banana in a large bowl and add oats, protein powder, baking powder, cinnamon and natvia. Mix thoroughly and stir in coconut oil. Mixture will be a little dry so slowly add water as you are stirring ensuring everything is combined evenly. Add chia ‘eggs’ last and mix.

Pour mixture into 12 muffin moulds and place in oven for 15-20min. Check regularly. Once the muffins start to brown, check centre of 1 muffin with a knife. Don’t cook for any longer then 25min.

Allow muffins to completely cool before serving. Great for freezing or keeping in the fridge!